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Scout's Safari, on Discovery Kids
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Well, I watched some of this on NBC on Saturday mornings. Like pretty much all Discovery Kids shows, I suppose it was meant to be educational, and like pretty much all of the ones I've seen, I didn't really find it to be particularly so. But of course, I watched them as an adult, so whatever. Um... so, there was this girl named Jennifer "Scout" Lauer, who lived in New York City, but then she had to go stay in South Africa with her mother Cheryl and step-father Roger Schickler, at a Lodge they ran. She had been there before, I guess, when she was quite young, and had a friend named Bongani, who she now reconnected with. But she she also kept in touch via webcam with her rather goth friend Sherna, in New York. Oh, and Scout also had a step-brother named Tyler, who was quite a troublemaker. And there was Bongani's uncle C.B., a vet who worked at the Lodge. And there were plenty of African animals around, of course, like elephants and whatnot. Scout supposedly had some kind of mystical ability to communicate with animals telepathically, but this was very vague, not a true communication, and not something she could completely control or understand, I think. Dunno what else to say. Not a bad show, but I wasn't too interested in it.

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