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For the People, on ABC, Thursdays 10pm
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This is something I mainly wanted to check out because one of the stars is Britt Robertson. I wasn't sure I'd actually be that into it, though, because courtroom dramas are a genre I haven't been into for years. In fact, when it debuted in March 2018, it was opposite the series premiere of another new show, "Rise," which I expected to be more interested in than this. (The next week, "Rise" moved back an hour, from 10 to 9pm, so after the premiere it wouldn't have been a conflict, anyway.) However, I found myself liking "For the People" more than I did "Rise." It's still not something I feel greatly excited about, but I do find the cases interesting enough so far, and it reminds me of David E. Kelley lawyer shows I used to watch, back in the day, albeit less quirky than they were. (Kelley's not involved in this show, though. It was created by Paul William Davies, whose work I am unfamiliar with, but he worked on the Shonda Rhimes series "Scandal," and Rhimes herself is an executive producer of this show.)

Anyway, the show is about six young lawyers (three Federal Public Defenders and three Assistant U.S. Attorneys) who have just started working at the highly prestigious Southern District of New York federal court, trying some of the most high profile cases in the country. Robertson plays a passionately idealistic public defender named Sandra Bell. One of the other new defenders is Sandra's best friend and roommate, Allison Adams. The third is Jay Simmons. Their boss is Jill Carlan (Hope Davis). On the other side, the prosecutors are Seth Oliver, Kate Littlejohn, and Leonard Knox. Their boss is Roger Gunn. At the start of the series, Seth was Allison's boyfriend. They both thought they'd be able to handle working on opposite sides of cases, but by the end of the first episode, Seth broke up with Allison. (It seems to be because of something she did in their first case against each other, which I don't think he should have blamed her for. But in the second episode, he gives a deeper explanation for his decision, which seems to be based on issues that had been going on for some time. I'm really not sure what to think about it all.) And... I expect as the series progresses, there will be more development for all the characters, though as I write this (after the first two episodes), we've already got a pretty good start at getting to know the basic personalities of the six main characters (as well as their bosses and a few other characters I haven't even mentioned yet). So far, aside from basically liking all the defenders, I think probably the most interesting character is Kate, who is hyperfocused on her work, and does not suffer anyone she thinks is less dedicated or just not as good as she is. And so far the most unlikable character is Leonard, who seems very entitled. And while obviously all the lawyers on both sides are determined to win their cases, I'd say Leonard seems most interested in winning for the sake of winning (and advancing his career, probably politically in the long run) than for the sake of justice.

I guess for now that's all I can think to say. But I hope to say more as we learn more about all the characters.

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