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Evermoor, on Disney Channel UK
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A 4-episode British serial, which aired on Disney Channel in both the UK and the US in October 2014, but I didn't see it until March 2021. It led to a regular series called "The Evermoor Chronicles" that ran for two seasons, in 2015-2017, but I don't think I'll bother watching it, since I didn't find the original limited series particularly interesting. In fact, I wasn't sure if I'd even want to bother writing a review of it at all, but ultimately I decided I might as well. I won't say very much about it, though.

There's a 15-year-old American girl named Tara Crossley, who has a divorced mother, a little brother named Jake, a British stepfather, and twin stepbrother and stepsister named Seb and Bella, who are about the same age as Tara. Tara's mother inherits Evermoor Manor, in the small British town of Evermoor, from Tara's great aunt Bridget. So the whole family moves into the manor, but they find numerous people still come and go as they please, in the house. That includes the former housekeeper and her son, who is the same age as Tara's little brother. More importantly, it includes a group of women called "Everines," who use magical golden thread to sew pictures into a tapestry that hangs in the manor. Their leader is named Esmerelda, and Tara doesn't trust her. There's also a boy named Cameron, on whom Tara develops a crush, though she worries he may be more interested in Bella. And there's a girl named Sorsha, on whom Seb develops a crush. Sorsha is the daughter of the mayor, as well as one of several teenage girls who are all potential Everines, though only one of them will ultimately be chosen to join the group.

Anyway, various magical stuff happens, including the fact that the images in the tapestry predict future events. Tara becomes quite interested in this, and wants to learn more about it, but Esmerelda tries to keep her away from the tapestry, I guess. Also at one point, Tara discovers a typewriter which works much the same way as the tapestry. And... I don't want to spoil any more of what happens, but I will say the series has a relatively satisfying conclusion, while also leaving an opening for more stories to be told. So I guess I'm glad there was a further series, even if I don't bother watching it.

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