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The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, on Nickelodeon
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Okay, there's a girl named Jordan Sands (Victoria Justice), who is kind of shy and klutzy and whatnot. She has a couple of friends, and there's a guy at school who she likes. But he barely knows she's alive, and is more into other girls who are... not nice. Anyway, Jordan has a little brother named Hunter, who is into monsters and pulling monster-related pranks. It seems like his obsession is related to his mother, who also apparently enjoyed that kind of thing. But I guess she's dead now, and so doing this stuff is Hunter's way of remembering her. Or whatever. Anyway, no one around him is happy about this, including Jordan, their father David, and Hunter's teachers. After getting suspended for pulling a prank, David tells Hunter that if it happens one more time, he'll take away all Hunter's monster stuff.

But then a document gets delivered which says David's late wife's uncle, Dragomir Ducovic (who none of the Sands had ever heard of), had passed away, and willed them his mansion in Wolfsberg, Romania. So the three of them head to Wolfsberg Manor, where they meet the housekeeper, Madame Varcolac. She's very strict and creepy, though eventually we'll learn some surprising things about her, as well as about the late Dragomir. Meanwhile, Jordan (a vegetarian) meets a local butcher named Goran, with whom she'll soon start a possible romantic relationship. And David meets a realtor named Paulina, who wants to help him sell the manor (since he was having hard times, financially). He also develops a possible romantic relationship with her. As for Hunter, he's naturally enjoying being in Romania, with all its connections of monster lore. Though there is a mysterious guy in a cape who he first saw deliver the notice of the will, back home in America, and who now seems to be following him.

Things really start getting weird after the manor's wifi goes on the fritz, and Jordan and Hunter go looking for the router. It turns out to be in a secret lab hidden behind a bookcase (which is opened with a universal remote). While they look around the lab, a vial of lycanthrope blood gets broken, Jordan steps on a shard, and gets infected. It's not much longer before the full moon, so she eventually becomes a werewolf. Of course Hunter figures this out, and wants to help her (though advice from his friends who he talks to online isn't particularly helpful). At this point I do want to say that the title of the movie doesn't seem entirely apt, to me. I mean, I get it, of course... his dad doesn't believe him about Jordan at first, because he's into pranks. Just like the story of "the boy who cried wolf," but then again, would you really expect him to believe Hunter even if he was a normally honest kid? I mean c'mon. Werewolves? Also... there's actually relatively little in the way of Hunter's even trying to tell his dad about it. He puts it off at first, preferring to help Jordan on his own, and doesn't even tell David about all this until a lot more weird and dangerous stuff happens. Including getting mixed up in an ancient war between werewolves and vampires (which sounds like a certain series of movies I haven't seen as yet- actually, at least two different series of movies I haven't seen yet, now that I think of it). And anyway, it was pretty much just David who didn't believe Hunter....

Whatever. I don't really want to say any more about the plot, or how it all turns out. But I will say the movie was actually better than I expected even if I didn't find it particularly scary, and most of the twists were kind of predictable. But it was a reasonably good story, and there were a few things that I found fairly funny. There are various elements to the movie that have been done a lot in other movies, but which I thought worked well enough, in this one. I mean, they didn't feel as clichéd as they could have. So, all in all, it was a decent movie....

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