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The Night Strangler, on ABC
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This first aired in 1973, a sequel to the 1972 TV movie The Night Stalker. I watched it in 2020, a year after I watched the first movie. I guess I didn't like it quite as much as the first movie, but it was still okay. Once again, Kolchak investigates a series of murders that involve a supernatural- or at least paranormal- killer. This time he's in Seattle, and by a strange coincidence, so is his former editor, Tony Vincenzo, who just as inexplicably agrees to get Kolchak a job at the newspaper where he now works, having left Las Vegas, himself. And once again, Vincenzo is very displeased that Kolchak's investigation leads to a bizarre conclusion about the culprit. Also again, the local police don't like Kolchak. And to be honest, I can't blame them. He seemed to me like more of a pain in the ass than I remember him being in the first movie, even if I can understand his own frustration at everyone refusing to believe him, and trying to stop him from getting his story. Well, once again he does have one person on his side, but it's not Gail, whom he apparently never found after she was forced to leave Las Vegas. This time, it's a psychology student named Louise Harper, who happens to work as a belly dancer at the same bar as the first victim of the killer. Oh, actually another important ally is a researcher at the newspaper, Titus Berry, who helps him discover similar series of murders going back every 21 years, to 1889 (or 1868, if you count a string of murders that had happened in New York). Kolchak finally gets an idea of what's going on when he talks to a professor named Crabwell (Margaret Hamilton, from The Wizard of Oz). But I don't want to give away the whole story.

So, what else can I say? There's one amusing scene with a tramp played by Al Lewis (from The Munsters). And I kind of liked Vincenzo's boss, Llewellyn Crossbinder (John Carradine). And I can say that once again, the killer is finally stopped, but Kolchak loses his job and has to leave town. Yeah, that's all I want to say. But, you know, there are some amusing bits and some scary bits and some boring bits. And I'm glad to have seen the movie, finally.

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