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Wish Upon a Star, on Disney Channel
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Caution: potential spoilers.

I guess this first aired in 1996, which is like a year before Disney Channel movies became DCOMs. And it must be one of the first movies I ever saw on Disney Channel, since I didn't have access to the network until like the fall of 1995. (Maybe the second one, after Susie Q.) And sometime after I got Amazon Video, I found that it was included with membership, so I could watch it for free. So I finally got around to re-watching it in 2019.

It's about these two sisters, Alexia Wheaton (Katherine Heigl) and her younger sister Hayley (Danielle Harris). Alex is like the leader of a popular clique, and has a jock boyfriend named Kyle, and always dresses somewhat provocatively. Hayley is mainly interested in science, but she has a crush on Kyle. The two sisters don't get along with each other, and actually don't know much about each other, beyond outward appearances. One night, Hayley sees a shooting star, and wishes to be Alex. The next morning, the two of them wake up in each other's bodies. Alex is horrified, and desperately wants to change back. But Hayley is more interested in having fun, mainly by making out with Kyle. Although she does also invite her best friend, Caitlin, to sit with her (as Alex) and the popular girls at lunch. And... before long, the sisters start trying to sabotage each other's lives. (This is made easier because their parents, who I guess are both psychologists, are experimenting with a "hands off" parenting approach.) But eventually the situation leads to Hayley and Alex becoming closer than they've ever been, and they each try to repair the damage they'd done. Also, they have a new neighbor named Simon, who is interested in Hayley, though of course that gets complicated when "Hayley" starts acting like Alex, and vice versa. But Alex eventually tries to help Hayley realize she should be with Simon. And, um... I dunno, lots of stuff happens, and of course they eventually switch back to their own bodies. And the movie climaxes at a Winter Festival dance (with live music by Moonpools & Caterpillars). And, yeah, I dunno what else to say. It's all fairly ridiculous, and body-swapping is hardly a novel concept. But the movie is reasonably fun, and it really is nice to see Hayley and Alex become friends. (And... I am just... suddenly... thinking... that those two names... sound awfully... familiar.... You know, in retrospect....)

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