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The Jim Henson Hour, on NBC
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This aired in 1989. In 2013, I was looking through lists of shows on Retro Junk, and came across this title, which sounded vaguely familiar. So I looked into it, and I think I probably watched this, but I couldn't say for sure. I wouldn't have had NBC at the time, but it's possible one of the stations I got would have aired it, anyway. It was hosted by Jim Henson, and it had various Muppets in it (including Clifford, whom I don't remember ever seeing until Muppets Tonight, which aired in 1996). But the Muppets were just responsible for one of the show's segments. Apparently, The Storyteller also aired as segments on this show. And it could be that this is how I saw that, even though until now, I thought I'd seen it just as a show unto itself (which is also possible). So, anyway... I just thought I'd make an entry for this show, in case I did see it. I wish I could remember. And whether I did or not, I'd love to see it (again) someday. But that probably won't happen....

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