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Studio DC: Almost Live, on Disney Channel
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There were two of these specials. For awhile I wasn't sure if there would be more, but there haven't been. I wasn't that into them, but I probably would have watched more if there had been more. Maybe. Anyway, they were basically a showcase for then-current Disney Channel stars like Miley Cyrus (from "Hannah Montana") and Dylan and Cole Sprouse (from "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody"), shows which I never really cared for.

The plot of the first special has the Sprouse twins as the guest hosts of a fictitious variety show, rather like The Muppet Show or Muppets Tonight. Everyone is rehearsing for the episode's sketches and musical numbers, while problems ensue behind the scenes. Other guests included the Jonas Brothers, a band I care about not in the least. Still, I think there may have been moments I kind of liked. But I can't recall any specifically, at the moment. At least it's always nice to see the Muppets, though I was a bit disturbed by that well-known ladies' man, Animal, hitting on the then-underage Miley Cyrus, in his own inimitable fashion....

The second special was hosted by Selena Gomez (from "Wizards of Waverly Place"). I don't really watch that show, either, but at least it's better than the shows the people from the first special are on. I guess. And of course there were other Disney Channel stars from various things, including the Cheetah Girls, but I didn't really care much about any of them. Though I did sort of enjoy the duet by Demi Lovato and Beaker. And Gonzo had accidentally turned his girlfriend, Camilla the chicken, into a turkey, so he kept wanting the actors from "Wizards" to turn her back into a chicken. And Pepe and Rizzo wanted to start a new musical genre, polka rap.... Anyway, other stuff probably happened, but once again, it was mostly pretty "meh."

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