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Crazy Like a Fox, on CBS
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This aired for two seasons, from 1984-86. I don't remember much more than the title of the show, but I'm sure I liked it, when I was a kid. (Some websites may list it as a drama, and some as a comedy. I seem to remember it as more of a comedy, but it may have been a dramedy.) Jack Warden played Harry Fox, who Wikipedia describes as a "free-spirited private detective," which sounds about right. His son, Harrison, was a lawyer who always got unwillingly mixed up in his father's cases. I'd like to see the show again someday to refresh my memory, but I very much doubt that'll ever happen. Oh, I also remember once seeing a movie called So Fine on TV, and I must have assumed it was a TV movie, but apparently it wasn't. Jack Warden was in it, and I vaguely recall either thinking "Hey it's the guy from Crazy Like a Fox," or else seeing that show and thinking "Hey it's the guy from So Fine." But that's unrelated to this show.

In 1987, there was a TV movie called "Still Crazy Like a Fox," which I don't remember whether or not I saw.

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