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Spenser: For Hire, on ABC
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I never got to see this when it was originally on, but I did see some episodes when it was in reruns on TNT for awhile. I'm not sure if it's on anywhere right now, but I'd definitely like to see it again. Robert Urich played the title character. I guess he's done lots of different shows and stuff, but I've hardly seen him in anything other than this. Anyway, Spenser was like a private detective or whatever. I think he used to be a cop. And he had a friend named Hawk, played by Avery Brooks (who later played Captain Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, who was pretty cool, and often helped him out. Spenser had some of the best voice-over lines you're likely to hear on any show, quoting all kinds of great literature and stuff. I dunno quite what else to say. It was a really good show (though as typical for the era, I suppose it could be a bit cheesy at times), and if I'd see more of it I'd probably have more to say.

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