Huboom!, on The Hub
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So... there used to be a channel called Discovery Kids, but in October 2010, it changed to The Hub (and in March 2013, that changed its name to Hub Network, though it didn't really change the network itself). I was maybe a bit upset by the loss of Discovery Kids, at first, but eventually I came to appreciate the Hub. It didn't show the old DK shows that I had liked, but it showed some even older things that I was glad were on TV again, even if I never really got around to watching them. And it had some new shows I ended up watching, like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, though that one was certainly never a part of the Huboom! block, which was supposed to be action shows for boys. (I'm a brony, and I think MLP:FIM often has plenty of action, but I certainly understand its not being included in the block.)

But um... I was vaguely aware of Huboom!, but I never really thought of it as a block. It moved around the schedule a lot, and it rarely included more than one or two shows I was interested in. Shows I watched that were part of Huboom! included G.I. Joe: Renegades and Kaijudo, but I thought of them generally as Hub shows, rather than specifically as Huboom! shows. And I think Huboom! had ceased to exist as a block by the time Kaijudo's second season started, in summer 2013. Anyway, I guess I also watched the miniseries that launched the series "Transformers Prime," but I don't think I watched the series beyond that. Other shows that were part of Huboom! included reruns of Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Batman Beyond, The Super Hero Squad Show, and probably some other stuff. But I didn't watch any of that, because, like I said, it was reruns that I'd previously seen on other networks. The block has also included some shows, both old and new, that I didn't watch simply because I had no interest in them.

So, yeah, Huboom! was never a block I cared about per se, but I did think I should at least mention it. Any of the shows that used to be included in the block can still air on the Hub, without being part of a block. And um, there may be other blocks on the network, like Hub Primetime, which could have any number of old shows I'd be interested in (many of them live-action), but which I just don't bother watching, for some reason.

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