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This started as a Saturday morning and weekday afternoon block of animated shows in September 1995, but I didn't get the WB at the time. (I don't remember exactly when I got it, but I would say probably between two and three years later.) From July 2001 to June 2002, the weekday block was called "Toonami on Kids' WB." (When I was working on my Toonami page I was reminded of this by the internet, and I was like "oh yeah I had totally forgotten about that." When I started working on this page, I learned that it was just on the weekday block and I was like "wait I could have sworn that was on Saturday mornings," the point being that my memory sucks.) Between May and December of 2005, the weekday lineup was phased out, leaving only the Saturday morning lineup. In September 2006, the WB merged with UPN to become the CW. The Saturday morning lineup then came to be known as "Kids' WB on the CW." In May 2008, the block was replaced by The CW4Kids. Since then, the Kids' WB website has provided video clips, episodes, and games related to various Warner Bros., Scooby-Doo, DC, and Looney Tunes cartoons.

I'd say Kids' WB is probably my third favorite programming block ever, after Adult Swim and Toonami, and in fact the more I think about it, it might be more accurate to say it's tied with Toonami for second place, or maybe I'd even put it slightly ahead of Toonami. I'm not sure. But now that it's gone, I definitely feel pretty nostalgic about it. I'm sure a great deal happened in the interstitial material between shows and commercials, much of which I've completely forgotten. I know for several years, starting in 2001, there was an annual "Holiday Sock" party every December, hosted by the Holiday Sock... which was basically just a regular sock with a face drawn on it, and it talked and stuff. (I kind of feel like the Holiday Sock may have done stuff on the block at other times of year, not just the holiday season, but I could be wrong about that, because it wouldn't make much sense.) And Wikipedia reminds me of something from 1999 called BNL Day, where Barenaked Ladies did some singing during the block, which I think I vaguely remember, and just the idea of it is kind of hilarious. And characters from various Kids' WB cartoons frequently did interstitial stuff, which is neat because when you think about it, it means the voice actors did extra work that they didn't really have to do, just for fun. (I dunno if they were paid for it, but even if they were, it's still cool.) Which is kind of reminiscent of cartoon characters hosting Cartoon Cartoon Fridays on Cartoon Network. And there was a promo for "Jackie Chan Adventures" that used a song called "Chan's the Man" by Wheatus; I didn't realize until years later that it was a reworking of their song "Punk Ass Bitch," which I thought was hilarious when I found out. (Actually, it's the closing theme of the show, but I don't remember hearing it on the show as much as I did in promos.) And, I guess I dunno what else to say about the block in general, just that it was fun and I miss it.

Anyway... I'll mainly be mentioning things I've seen or at least had an interest in. For a complete listing of shows, see one of the links above. I'm sure the majority of things I watched on Kids' WB, I watched on Saturday mornings, but there were probably some things I watched on weekday afternoons. I don't always remember for sure what shows I watched when. Regardless of what day of the week I watched them, I'm also not always sure if episodes of a given series premiered on Saturday and reran on weekdays, or vice-versa. (Many of the shows on this page later aired reruns on other networks.) The lineup also occasionally included repeats of things that originally aired on other networks, which I usually won't bother listing here.

The original lineup included seasons 3-5 of Animaniacs (1993-98; the first two seasons debuted on Fox Kids), Freakazoid! (ended 1997), Pinky & the Brain (ended 1998), as well as some things I don't think I've ever seen, "The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries" (ended 2001) and "Earthworm Jim" (ended 1996). I remember some people telling me latter was really good, so someday I'd like to see it.

This year's debuts included Superman (ended 2000). I imagine I must have seen the last two or three seasons on Kids' WB, and I probably saw reruns of the first season or two later, on Cartoon Network or something. Maybe I saw reruns on the WB, because in 1997 the block began airing "The New Batman/Superman Adventures," which included old episodes of both Superman and Batman: The Animated Series (which originally aired on Fox Kids).

This year's debuts included the brief series "The Legend of Calamity Jane," which I don't think I ever heard of until years later, so that's something I still want to see, eventually; and Men in Black: The Series (ended 2001).

So, this is the point at which I think it's safe to say I had access to the network, even if I might have had it in 97. Some of the things I've already mentioned were still airing at this point, so I started watching them now. Anyway, this is the year "Histeria!" debuted (it ended in 2000), and I'm sure I saw a bit of that, but I don't remember it well, and I was never very into it. Also this year, there were briefly some repeats of Invasion America, an animated series that had previously aired in primetime on the WB, but I don't believe I saw it at the time.

This year's debuts included Batman Beyond (ended 2001) and Detention (ended 2000). Also the anime Pokemon (which had previously aired in the U.S. in syndication; Kids' WB dropped the series after 2006, but since 2002 it had also been airing on Cartoon Network, which continues to air new seasons).

This year's debuts included "Generation O!" (ended 2001; I probably saw a bit of this, but I don't remember anything specific about it), Jackie Chan Adventures (ended 2005), Static Shock (ended 2004), and X-Men: Evolution (ended 2003). Also the anime Cardcaptors (ended 2001; I feel like I probably watched it on weekdays). Also this year the direct-to-video movie Wakko's Wish debuted on the block (on a weekday), though I don't think I saw it at the time; I probably first saw it sometime later on Cartoon Network.

This year's debuts included Cubix: Robots for Everyone (ended 2003), The Mummy (ended 2003; I didn't see much and barely remember it), the live-action series The Nightmare Room (ended 2002), and The Zeta Project (ended 2002). Also the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! (ended 2006).

This year's debuts included Mucha Lucha (ended 2005), Ozzy & Drix (ended 2004), and "What's New, Scooby-Doo?" (ended 2006; I must have seen a little bit of this, but I don't remember anything specific).

This year's debuts included Xiaolin Showdown (ended 2006). Also the anime MegaMan NT Warrior (ended 2005).

This year's debuts included The Batman (ended 2008), and the live-action movie "Zolar" (which I probably saw but don't remember). Also the anime Astro Boy (2003 series) (ended 2004).

This year's debuts included "Coconut Fred's Fruit Salad Island" (ended 2006; I watched very little of this, didn't care for it, and don't remember anything specific about it), "Johnny Test" (ended 2008 on Kids' WB, but new seasons have aired from 2009 to the present on Carton Network; I watched very little of the series on the WB, and none of the newer seasons at all), and Loonatics Unleashed (ended 2007; I watched very little of this). Also the anime Viewtiful Joe (ended 2006; Kids' WB never aired the second season). Also this year the Pokemon movie "Destiny Deoxys" aired, and while I know I watched it, I don't think I payed close enough attention to it. Also this year a sub-block called The Pillow Head Hour, with host Gisselle, began airing. It didn't last long, but I remember kind of liking it. (Actually, Wikipedia says Gisselle wasn't hosting it until it relaunched in 2006, though she had done online reports in 2005.)

2006 (Kids' WB on the CW)
This year's debuts included Legion of Super Heroes (ended 2008) and "Spider Riders" (ended 2007; I don't think Kids' WB aired the whole series, but I may have stopped watching before it stopped airing, anyway, though I'm sure I at least kind of liked it).

2007 (Kids' WB on the CW)
This year's debuts included "Eon Kid" (ended 2008; I only watched a bit of it) and "Magi-Nation" (ended 2008, I think; but I'd stopped watching it long before then, even though I at least kind of liked it. I'm not sure if the whole series was aired or not.)

2008 (Kids' WB on the CW)
This year's debuts included The Spectacular Spider-Man (first season ended 2008 on the CW4Kids; its second season aired on Disney XD).

May 2008-August 2012 (CW4Kids / Toonzai)
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