MTV's Oddities, on MTV

Several years before I ever got cable, MTV had something called Liquid Television, which I never got to see. Sometime after I got cable (or satellite), there was something called Cartoon Sushi, which I don't really remember at all, but it's possible I saw at least a bit of it. It's considered a spiritual successor to Liquid TV, and I'm fairly sure it maybe reran some stuff that had originally been on that show, in addition to airing some new stuff. I guess. But in between those two things, there was MTV's Oddities, which I guess began in 1994 with an animated series called "The Head." That was still before I got cable, but when I went to college in 1995, I enjoyed watching The Maxx as a part of Oddities, and I'm fairly sure that around that time I also watched some of Aeon Flux (which had originated on Liquid Television) in the block. Although I could be mistaken about the latter; I know I saw Aeon Flux sometime or other, and it's hard for me to imagine it having been any time other than during the Oddities block, but it's not impossible that it was elsewhen.

I should say, I really can't remember for sure if "Oddities" was a block; it may have been more of an anthology series, or a showcase, or... something. I wish my memory was better. But I shall call it a block because that's how I guess I'd like to remember it. Anyway, I do hope someday I get a chance to watch "The Head." And whether or not I ever actually saw anything other than "The Maxx" on MTV's Oddities, I still think of it fondly, and with a fair amount of nostalgia. Oh, and once upon a time I was going to write a story called "The Asylum" under the heading of JKD's Oddities, named after this programming block, but unfortunately most of the reference materials I came up with were lost, and I never got around to starting the story.

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