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So I guess it was in June 2007 that BBC America debuted different themed blocks for every night of the week (8-10pm). They included "Murder Monday", "Tuesday Nitro", "Wicked Wednesday", "Big Thursday", "Crime Scene Friday", "Supernatural Saturday" (followed by "Comedy Saturday" at 10pm), and "Adventure Sunday" (at 7pm, followed by "The Brit Movie"). The only block that was likely of any interest to me was "Supernatural Saturday," though the term "supernatural" is used loosely to refer to any sort of sci-fi or paranormal shows. I also might have watched Robin Hood (2006-09) on Sunday, at least the second season. I believe the first season was on Saturday nights, prior to the launch of the blocks. Anyway, in 2018, I realized that "Doctor Who" will be airing on Sundays instead of Saturdays. I don't think that has happened before, but I'm not sure. (I haven't had BBC America since 2011, so I haven't always paid sufficient attention to what it was airing.) So I'm not sure if the block is just ending in 2018, or if it actually ended some year prior to that.

I'd like to list exactly which shows I've seen in the Supernatural Saturday block, but it's kind of hard, because I don't have any clear recollection of exactly what year (let alone day of the week) I watched any of the shows I've seen on BBC America, or even what years I've had access to the network at all. Some shows I might have seen before the block debuted, some after, and I'm sure BBC America itself has aired shows in more than one timeslot, even after the block debuted. (The years listed next to each show below are the original run, not necessarily when they aired in this block.) And it's nearly impossible for me to find a complete listing on any website of exactly what shows aired in the block over the years, regardless of when I might have seen them. I think the block has aired some reruns of American series like Battlestar Galactica (which I only ever watched on Sci-Fi Channel), and no doubt some other shows (British or American) that I'm unaware of. But here's a list of some things I think the block either definitely or probably included:

Hex (2004-05)
Doctor Who (2005 - I dunno, 2018 maybe?)
Torchwood (2006-09; series 4 debuted on Starz in 2011)
Jekyll (2007)
"Primeval" (2007-11; of which I probably only watched one episode, and decided not to watch any more of)
Being Human (2008-13; of which I only got to see the first season)
Demons (2009)
"Outcasts" (2011; which I didn't see at all, and wouldn't be interested in)
"Atlantis" (2013-2015; which I haven't seen at all, and I'm not sure I'd be interested in)
"Orphan Black" (2013-2017; which I haven't seen at all)
"Intruders" (2014; which I haven't seen at all)
"Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" (2015; which I haven't seen at all)

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