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Blake's 7, on BBC One (UK)
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The Terran Federation is evil. Roj Blake rebels and is sentenced to prison or whatever. He and other prisoners are sent to investigate a strange ship found abandoned in space, because the crew of the prison ship don't want to risk their own necks finding out what the ship is or if it's dangerous. The prisoners manage to take control of this ship and escape, and cause trouble for the Federation, who constantly hunt them. They called the ship Liberator. Very interesting and disparate characters on the crew as well as their enemies. My favorite characters were Villa Restal and Kerr Avon. Also there were a couple of computers, called Slave and Orac. Maybe another, I forget. Eventually the ship is destroyed and they get a new one, which they called Scorpio. To be honest I don't remember the show well, but I did like it and would certainly like to watch it again. And of course I'd like to write up a better review. It's a sci-fi classic which you should definitely check out.

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