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The Mayor, on ABC
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A struggling rapper named Courtney Rose runs for mayor of (the fictional) Fort Grey, California. It's really just a publicity stunt, but he ends up winning the election. So he has to figure out how to actually go about being the mayor. He has some help from his best friends, Jermaine Leforge and T.K. Clifton, whom he gives jobs in his office... though they seem more clueless than Courtney, and are more there for moral support than political support. However, Courtney hires Valentina "Val" Barella as his chief of staff. She had been the campaign manager for Ed Gunt (David Spade), a city councilman who had run against Courtney for mayor. Ed remains a thorn in Courtney's side, using his position on the council to try to thwart any good the new mayor tries to do. Val, meanwhile, is frequently frustrated by the lack of experience and professionalism of Courtney and his friends, but she does her best to help the mayor, who begins to get serious about helping improve his community. Courtney also gets some help from his mother, Dina (Yvette Nicole Brown), with whom he still lives.

That's all I can say, but it's a reasonably amusing show. Unfortunately, it was cancelled after just nine episodes had aired. (Though some streaming services have more episodes, which I haven't seen.)

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