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Speechless, ABC, Fridays 8:30pm
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Caution: spoilers.

Season one
Minnie Driver plays Maya DiMeo. She and her husband, Jimmy (John Ross Bowie, best known as Kripke from The Big Bang Theory), have three teenage kids. Their oldest, J.J., has cerebral palsy, so he's confined to a wheelchair, and can't really speak. In the pilot, the family moves to an upscale community where J.J. will be able to attend a school that provides someone to speak for him. (J.J. spells words out on board, using a light on his headgear.) He doesn't like the woman who was assigned to be his voice, so he makes things really difficult for her, until she quits. He ends up bonding with a guy named Kenneth Clements, who I guess is the school's gardener/custodian, or whatever, and he takes on the job of being J.J.'s voice. Meanwhile, Maya has been so concerned with making sure things work out for J.J., that she basically ignores her other kids. This really frustrates middle child Ray, but the problem seems to be resolved by the end of the pilot. The youngest child is a girl named Dylan, who is on her school's track team. Anyway, the show is fairly amusing, and I like all the characters, and... that's all I can say, for now.

Season two
At the end of last season, J.J. went away to a summer camp for kids with disabilities. This led to Ray meeting a girl named Taylor, whose brother Logan attended the same camp. It turned out that Ray and Taylor have a lot in common, so they became pen pals over the summer, and this season they're dating. But it's later discovered that J.J. and Logan were rivals at camp. And in one episode, Maya discovers that Taylor and Logan's mother, Melanie (Sarah Chalke), is someone she had a past grievance with. Also this season, Jimmy gets a promotion at work. And J.J. eventually realizes he wants to become a filmmaker. And the DiMeos get a dog named Pepper. And Taylor eventually breaks up with Ray, who becomes despondent and then tries to win her back. (By the end of the season, it's unclear whether he'll be successful, but he finally decides he needs to take some time to work on himself.) Also, Dylan joins her school's wrestling team, and may start a relationship with a boy who's also on the team. And near the end of the season, Jimmy gives some architectural advice to his neighbor, which leads him to consider pursuing his long abandoned interest in becoming an architect. However, it also leads to... an unfortunate situation that I wont spoil until season 3.

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