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Revenge, on ABC
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I watched about half of the first season, and I used to have a longer review, but I ended up deleting it. Now I feel like I should have some mention of the show, even though I stopped watching. So I regret deleting the old entry, and I've written up this new one. (I'm not going to give a lot of details, though.)

The show stars Emily VanCamp, who plays a young woman named Emily Thorne, who comes to the Hamptons for the Summer, and begins getting involved in high society there. This includes dating a man named Daniel Grayson, the son of Victoria Grayson and her husband, Conrad. Victoria doesn't particularly trust Emily. And she has trouble with her marriage (her husband is cheating with her best friend, Lydia Davis). And her relationship is also strained with her daughter, Charlotte. Meanwhile, Charlotte starts dating a guy named Declan Porter, whose older brother Jack is struggling to keep their family's bar in business. And Emily befriends Jack. She's also friends with a woman named Ashley Davenport, who is an employee of Victoria's. And Emily enters into an uncomfortable alliance with a young and very rich software designer named Nolan Ross.

So, here's the catch... Emily's real name is Amanda Clarke. She's actually the daughter of a man named David Clarke (now deceased), who had been sent to prison when Amanda was a little girl. He had been framed for a crime that was actually committed by Conrad and Victoria, I guess. But also, Victoria had been having an affair with him. Also I should say that Amanda and Jack Porter had been close friends, so now "Emily" has to ignore her feelings for him, not letting him or anyone else know her true identity, as she puts in motion various plans to exact revenge on the Graysons, and various other people in town who played some part in the injustice that befell her father. The only other person who knows the truth is Nolan, who owes his success to her father, and wants to help her take revenge, though she isn't terribly happy about his involvement. And, well... there are various other plot developments I won't get into, in the part of the series that I saw, and doubtless many more developments after I stopped watching. It really was reasonably interesting, and could be fun to watch, I guess. But after awhile I kind of stopped caring that much. Anyway, I guess I can't think of anything else to say.

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