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Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale, on NBC
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This aired in 2013. I wasn't completely paying attention to it, because I was doing stuff online, like FarmVille chores, and then putting this review's links and stuff together. But I didn't actually write the review until after the special ended. Anyway... it was kind of weird. The whole thing is narrated by a little girl reading a book about the special that we're currently watching, right? And occasionally, Kelly comes out on stage and sings a Christmas song. The songs were all fairly good. And on one of them, Kelly was joined by Trisha Yearwood and Reba McEntire. But the songs are interspersed with scenes of Kelly deciding to make a Christmas special, and then trying to put it together. So... I found it a bit disconcerting to jump around in time, because like, honestly, it seemed to me as if the songs that were clearly happening during the special were actually happening before the special. Or something. I dunno how to explain it.

Anyway... Ken Jeong played like her agent or something. And William Shatner played an NBC executive. And Kelly had an assistant who I don't know if he was anybody or what. And throughout the special, they were hoping to get George Clooney to appear on the special (which, spoiler alert, he doesn't). And she talked to other celebrities to appear on it, but they all refused (except that we actually seem them say no, so really they are on the special, so it's like ironic or meta or whatever). Oh, also, the special is supposed to be "for the children," in some undefined charitable way. And while Kelly is essentially playing herself, it's presumably not her real self, because she's not as nice as you would expect her to be. And she has to ultimately learn the true meaning of Christmas. Or whatever. Oh, and Blake Shelton keeps wanting to be in the special, but she makes him do menial tasks and still doesn't let him be in it. (Though, again, he is in the special, just not the fictional version of the special within the special.) And, uh... I guess the whole thing was mildly amusing, particularly some of the quips from the girl reading the story. And as I said, the songs were decent. But on the whole, the special was pretty forgettable.

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