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Pixie Hollow Games (CGI), on Disney Channel
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This was originally supposed to be a full-length direct-to-DVD movie in the "Tinker Bell" series, but instead it aired on TV in 2011 as a half-hour special. I'm afraid I didn't get Disney Channel at the time, so I had to wait to see it on DVD. It ended up being released as a bonus feature on the DVD of Secret of the Wings, which came out in 2012. (It was later also released on a DVD of its own.) The special is the first time Rosetta is voiced by Megan Hilty, who replaced Kristin Chenoweth.

So, the fairies of Pixie Hollow were having a three-day series of events which I guess are sort of like the Olympics. Tinker Bell herself was a very minor character in this show. Um, there were teams consisting of two fairies each, representing each of the different types of fairy. Tink and Fairy Mary represented the tinker fairies. Vidia and someone I don't know represented the fast-flying fairies. Fawn and someone I don't know represented the animal fairies. Iridessa and someone I don't know represented the light fairies. Fairy Gary and Terence represented the dust keepers. Silvermist and someone I don't know represented the water fairies. But the only two really important teams in the special were the garden fairies and a type I've never seen before, the storm fairies. The latter were represented by Rumble and Glimmer (neither of whom I'd seen before, of course), while the garden fairies were represented by Rosetta and Chloe (the latter of whom I'd never seen before; voiced by Brenda Song). The Games' announcers were Clank and Bobble.

Chloe was super-excited about competing in the Games, but none of the other garden fairies were interested, basically because they always come in last place. Rosetta was selected, against her will, to be Chloe's partner. (In addition to being certain they'd come in last, she didn't want to do it because it would mean getting dirty, which of course is something Rosetta doesn't like.) Meanwhile, Rumble and Glimmer had won the last four Pixie Hollow Games, and were eager to win their fifth. After a series of events in which the last place team of each would be eliminated, the final event would consist of a sort of "car" race between the four remaining teams. Miraculously, this included Rosetta and Chloe, as well as the storm fairies and two other teams.

Well, I won't say how it all played out, but of course it was, as Disney Fairies movies always are, funny and exciting and cute and sweet. I do wish it would've been a full movie, but it worked out well enough as it was. And it's nice to finally see one of Tink's friends as the central character; I hope someday maybe they'll do similar things for the others.

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