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The Simpsons Halloween Special II (Season 3; Oct. 31, 1991)
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Intro: Once again, Marge tries to warn parents not to let their kids watch the episode. Then the credits begin, once again with "funny" gravestones in the cemetery. Then, for a framing device, Marge and the kids come home from trick-or-treating. Homer and the kids start gobbling down candy, and Marge warns them that too much candy will give them nightmares (which of course are the various segments of the episode).

Lisa's Dream: (based on The Monkey's Paw). The Simpsons are on vacation in Marrakesh, where Homer buys a wish-granting monkey's paw. Maggie, Bart, Lisa, and Homer all make wishes, and Lisa's wish, which seems to be the best one, backfires the worst. (It involves Kang and Kodos.) Anyway, I thought it was all reasonably amusing.

Bart's Dream: In a parody of the Twilight Zone episode It's a Good Life, Bart has powers that make everyone kowtow to him out of fear of what he might do to them if he's ever displeased. It might be a scary scenario for everyone else, but for Bart himself it's pretty sweet, until the end.

Homer's Dream: Homer gets fired from the nuclear plant, and gets a job as a grave digger. Meanwhile, Mr. Burns wants to brain to put into a robot he's built, and... of course he ends up using Homer's brain. But the robot thing doesn't last long, and the story goes another way. I definitely think this was the weakest of the three segments.

Well, in the credits names got spookified for the first time. Also the Gracie Films music at the end of the closing credits was spookified for the first time. Anyway, none of the episode is as memorable as the original Treehouse, but it was okay.

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