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The Simpsons Halloween Special V (Season 6; Oct. 30, 1994)
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Intro: Marge gives yet another viewer discretion warning. Then Bart and Homer do a parody of the opening monologue from The Outer Limits. Then cemetery gags (with more death on display than funny tombstones), then a couch gag. It's all decent.

The Shinning: In a parody of The Shining, the Simpsons become caretakers of Mr. Burns's estate for the winter. I don't want to reveal any gags, but it's all pretty good. And this is one of the Treehouse sketches I've always remembered best, over the years.

Time and Punishment: In a parody of Ray Bradbury's short story A Sound of Thunder, Homer breaks the toaster, and his attempt to fix it turns it into a time machine. He goes back to prehistoric times and accidentally kills an insect, which changes the future for the worse. He keeps going back in time trying to restore the present, but things keep going wrong. This is another really amusing segment that I've always found quite memorable.

Nightmare Cafeteria: In a parody of Soylent Green, Principal Skinner gets the idea to start cooking students who get detention, and serve them for lunch in the school cafeteria. I didn't remember this segment as well as the other two, but the twist ending was familiar, and hideously amusing.

Well, now I have to say this episode tops last year's. So for now it's my favorite Treehouse episode. Even without a "Twilight Zone" parody.

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