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The Simpsons Halloween Special VI (Season 7; Oct. 29, 1995)
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Intro: The Headless Horseman throws Krusty's head at the screen, splattering it with the episode title. Then there's a couch gag. This is the shortest intro yet by far, but it was okay.

Attack of the 50ft. Eyesores: In a parody of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, the giant Lard Lad Donuts mascot comes to life after Homer steals his colossal donut. Soon all the other giant mascots also come to life and start wrecking Springfield. That's all I want to say about that, but it was a reasonably amusing segment.

Nightmare on Evergreen Ter.: In a parody of A Nightmare on Elm Street, Groundskeeper Willie terrorizes the children of Springfield in their dreams. Another amusing segment.

Homer3: This is kind of a parody of the Twilight Zone episode Little Girl Lost, but mostly it's an excuse for Homer to get lost in a strange world where he's rendered in 3-D CGI instead of traditional animation. (There's also a joke about nobody having seen TRON, which I find amusing even though I'm a fan of that movie.) This is one of my best-remembered segments from the Treehouse franchise, and it's pretty damn cool, even if it's not really scary.

Well, I don't remember for sure whether or not I saw this when it first aired, but I may have. Fall of 1995 was the first time I had access to FOX. And I definitely saw it many years before I reviewed it, in 2020. The episode was pretty well hyped because of the final segment, which was somewhat revolutionary in animation, at the time. I guess. (I mean, it's not like there hadn't already been CGI animation, but still.) All in all, definitely one of the best episodes yet, if not quite as good as last year's. (Again, most of the credit for the high rating goes to the final segment.)

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