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The Simpsons Halloween Special XI (Season 12; Nov. 1, 2000)
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Intro: A reasonably fun parody of The Munsters.

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad: In a parody of Ghost Dad, Homer dies and comes back as a ghost, given 24 hours by St. Peter to do one good deed, so he can get into Heaven. It... doesn't go so well.

Scary Tales Can Come True: Bart and Lisa wander through medieval woods where they encounter various fairy tales, eventually being captured by the witch from "Hansel & Gretel." Meanwhile, Marge sends Homer out to search the woods for them.

Night of the Dolphin: In a parody of The Day of the Dolphin, Lisa frees a dolphin from a marine park. (There's a Free Willy visual parody.) The dolphin then leads all the other dolphins in a revolt against humanity. In the end there's a parody of The Birds. This was the funniest segment of the episode, I guess.

Epilogue: Kodos and Kang are upset about being left out of the episode. (But, obviously they're in this segment, so... they haven't really been left out. Heck, as short as this is, they've had shorter cameos before.) Then the end credits music is the Simpsons theme done in the style of the Munsters theme. (I don't mention often enough the specific ways the theme music is done differently in each Halloween episode, but I always like it.)

This is the first Treehouse of Horror to air after Halloween, which would continue for most of the decade. I'm pretty sure it's also the first episode with an epilogue.

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