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The Simpsons Halloween Special XII (Season 13; Nov. 6, 2001)
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Intro: Mr. Burns has Smithers hang a bat decoration from the weather vane, during a lightning storm. This leads to Smithers' death and the house catching fire (which Mr. Burns doesn't seem to notice). And um... stuff happens. The Simpsons come trick-or-treating, but get scared away. It's fairly amusing.

hex and the city: A gypsy fortuneteller puts a curse on Homer. Terrible things happen to everyone he loves. Then he catches a leprechaun to try and undo the curse. It's um, all fairly amusing.

House of Whacks: A door-to-door salesbot convinces Marge to have the house converted into a smart house. It has an A.I. voiced by Pierce Brosnan, and resembles HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey (which I think is interesting, considering this aired in 2001). Eventually the house falls in love with Marge and tries to kill Homer. It was an okay segment.

Wiz Kids: In a parody of Harry Potter, the kids attend a wizard school. Lord Montymort wants to capture Lisa to steal her magic. Also, Smithers is a snake named Slithers. I love that. And Montymort enlists Bart's help to do it, since Bart is jealous of Lisa's superior magical skills. I suppose this was my favorite segment of the episode.

Epilogue: Pierce, the leprechaun, and Bart's failed attempt at a frog prince all leave the set together. Oh, and I didn't notice it, but Wikipedia informed me there were no scary names in the credits this year, out of respect for 9/11.

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