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Treehouse of Horror XXV (Season 26; Oct. 19, 2014)
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Intro: Some kind of parody of an anniversary special, or something. It wasn't very interesting. (It's supposedly being broadcast from Rigel 7, but Kang and Kodos don't actually appear.)

School is Hell: Bart and Lisa end up in Hell for some contrived reason, but soon thereafter, Lisa finds a way for them to go home. Bart, however, decides to go back to Hell, since he was actually a good student there. (It's odd that Lisa wanted to leave, since she was finally popular, but whatevs.) Anyway, it definitely had some amusing bits. I enjoyed it, though the ending was a bit weak, and I probably won't remember the segment for very long.

A Clockwork Yellow: A reasonably clever parody of A Clockwork Orange. It's narrated by Moe, with a bunch of made-up slang that itself is a parody of Nadsat. And I liked some of the other concepts that were parodied (The old in-out, Luther Van). And um... I liked the Shmoo statue. And a minor callback to a previous Treehouse ep that had referenced Clockwork Orange. And little shout-outs to various other Stanley Kubrick movies. So, definitely I liked this segment.

The Others: A parody of The Others. Sort of. Mainly that's just a flimsy excuse to have the current Simpsons interact with the ghosts of their former selves from "The Tracey Ullman Show" (which I never got to see, but I'm familiar with what the characters were like back then). The segment also had some reasonably amusing gags (heh heh, "nice melons"), and the end had a bunch of cool visual references to various other forms of animation.

So, all in all, this year's Treehouse was pretty fun.

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