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Treehouse of Horror XXXII (Season 33; Oct. 10, 2021)
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Intro: A parody of Bambi. That's all I want to say, but it wasn't bad.

Bong Joon-Ho's This Side of Parasite: A parody of Parasite (with a brief Itchy & Scratchy parody of Snowpiercer). Personally I thought the Parasite spoof was spot-on, and I probably liked it more than the movie itself. But feel free to disagree. (I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much if I hadn't seen the movie.)

Nightmare on Elm Tree: Trees come to life (well, they were already alive, but you know what I mean) and start rampaging through town to get revenge for how poorly humans have treated them. There are a bunch of mini-parodies and gags, most of which I liked. I didn't like the transplant joke though.

Poetic Interlude: I never saw any title for this onscreen, but anyway, Vincent Price (Maurice LaMarche) reads a poem called "The Telltale Bart" in which he describes bad things Bart did throughout the year. It was a very short segment, which reminded me of both Edgar Allan Poe and Vincent. Still, I didn't particularly care for it.

Dead Ringer: A parody of The Ring, in which kids die seven days after watching a cursed TikTok video. It was okay I guess.

Well, this episode was supposed to have five segments instead of "the usual three", but I think they're counting the intro as one of the segments, which if they did every year there would usually be four segments, anyway. So I don't really think of this installment being all that different. Oh, and I should say that there was a Disney-like song at the beginning of the intro and again at the end of the final segment.

I might as well call the end of the final segment an "outro". And in the outro, Kang and Kodos show up. I'm always happy to see them, even if it is sometimes just a cameo, because there have been years where they don't show up at all. Oh, and I guess Maggie was a Tinker Bell-like fairy as part of the outro (and I guess also the intro, but I sort of already forgot about that). That was an okay touch, I think. Anyway, overall I liked this year's installment, but not too much.

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