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Black Lightning, The CW
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Can't watch because I don't get the CW. (But despite being on the CW and from the same creative people as various Arrowverse shows, this is apparently not going to be part of the Arrowverse.)

Cloak & Dagger, Freeform
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This is technically part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though I'm not sure how much that will factor into the show. I'd want to watch it regardless of such connections, but I can't, because I don't have access to Freeform.

Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, ABC
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This first aired the year after I was born, so it's kinda before my time. I can't help expecting it to be incredibly stupid, so whatever slim desire I might have to check it out is for entirely the wrong reason. But you never know, I could be surprised and actually like it. Still, I very much doubt I'll ever get around to seeing it, anyway. (It was initially a segment on something called "The Krofft Supershow," but I am quite confident I would be entirely uninterested in any of the other segments on that show.)

The Green Hornet, ABC
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I don't really know much of anything about this show, but I wouldn't mind checking it out someday if possible.

Legends of Tomorrow, The CW
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The official title may be "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," but as is the case with Marvel shows, I'm not planning on including the comics publisher in the title, in my review. Anyway, it's part of the Arrowverse, so I was really looking forward to it. Unfortunately, I have been unable to watch it because I don't get the CW. I had been watching CW shows on Hulu, but shortly before this series debuted, my internet just slowed down too much to watch anything on Hulu. Which means I've had to stop watching a lot of shows, which is really annoying. So I have no idea when I'll get to see this (or any of the Arrowverse shows I had been watching). But hopefully I will, someday.

Legion, FX
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I guess this isn't really a "superhero" show, but it is about Marvel comic book characters, and the show may eventually tie into either the X-Men movies or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or it may stand alone. Anyway, I'd like to check it out someday, if I get the chance, but right now I don't get FX.

The Secrets of Isis, CBS/syndicated
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Also known simply as "Isis." This began airing in 1975, the year I was born. So It's before my time. I guess it aired along with a related show called "Shazam!", which was based on the DC Comics character Captain Marvel, with whom I am barely familiar. I don't think Isis had any relation to the comics, though. Anyway, I might like to check out both shows someday, but this is probably the one I'd be more interested in.

Superboy, syndicated
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This ran for four seasons, from 1988-92. I don't recall being aware of it at the time, but I may have been, vaguely. (It certainly wasn't on any channel I got.) In the third season, the title was changed to "The Adventures of Superboy."

Wonder Woman, ABC/CBS
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Don't know what to say except of course it's based on the comic book character, and it starred Lynda Carter. I reckon I'll definitely have to get the DVDs someday.

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