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My Secret Identity, on CTV (Canada)
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Andrew Clements (Jerry O'Connell) had this scientist named Dr. Benjamin Jeffcoate (Derek McGrath) for a neighbor, and he was always running next door to pester the poor guy, and one day accidentally got hit by some sort of energy beam in one of Dr. J's experiments, and he got some wacky superpowers or something. I guess he was fast and invulnerable. And Dr. J made him some sort of aerosol cans or something which he used to propel himself so he could fly. I don't remember the show too well. I'd like to see it again sometime maybe. Anyway, Andrew wanted to be a superhero. He called himself Ultraman. He kept annoying Dr. J and stuff. The doc didn't want him trying to be a superhero or anything. But I guess he wanted to study the effects the ray had had on Andrew, and stuff. It was a weird little show, way cheesy but kinda fun. This isn't exactly a superhero show, really, and certainly I don't think it's based on any comic book, but I thought I might as well put the entry here as anywhere.

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