My Hero tek's rating: ½

My Hero, on BBC One (UK)
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Thermoman is a superhero from the planet Ultron, living on Earth. He has a secret identity as George Sunday. He is your typically clueless alien not really getting certain things about life on Earth. But he falls in love with a nurse named Janet Dawkins. She has a neighbor named Tyler who is nuts, but instantly recognizes George as Thermoman somehow. Janet works at a small medical practice for a narcissistic doctor named Piers, who also hosts a TV show or something. And there's a really nasty receptionist/secretary named Mrs. Raven who just seems to hate everyone. Um, and George has a cousin named Arnie who used to be a superhero, but was stripped of his powers for misusing them. And Janet's parents can't stand George because he's so odd (though they don't know he's Thermoman). But I guess they make a nice couple, George and Janet, and eventually have a baby named Ollie, who also has superpowers and talks. And they get married. And stuff. It's a funny enough show, but kind of ridiculous. Which I suppose is the point. Anyway, I've seen it somewhat intermittently, probably on different channels (though certainly at least on BBC America). I'm sure there's plenty of it I haven't seen, and I don't care that much. But it's okay.

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