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Evil, on CBS (s1) / Paramount+ (s2)
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Season One
This is about a group of people working for the Catholic church, who assess reports of demonic possession and similar supernatural events, to determine whether they may be genuinely supernatural, or have more scientific explanations. The primary assessor is a man named David Acosta, who is currently studying to become a priest. He works with a contractor and technical expert named Ben Shakir, whose own beliefs run toward the scientific. At the start of the series, their team is joined by a forensic psychologist named Dr. Kristen Bouchard. (She's played by Katja Herbers, whom I knew from Manhattan. But her character kind of reminds me of Diana Skouris, from The 4400, for some reason.) Kristen is married to a man named Andy, whose work takes him away from home for long stretches of time, so he's absent for much of the season. They have four daughters named Lynn, Lila, Lexis, and Laura. (The girls are nearly always seen together, mostly talking all at the same time so that it's hard to really tell what they're talking about.) The girls are often babysat by Kristen's mother, Sheryl Luria (Christine Lahti, whom I mainly know from Chicago Hope).

Soon after taking the job working with David and Ben, Kristen begins having nightmares in which she is tormented by an incubus named George, who's definitely pretty scary. She talks about this, among other things, with her therapist, Dr. Kurt Boggs (Kurt Fuller). Meanwhile, the main antagonist of the series is another forensic psychologist, Dr. Leland Townsend (Michael Emerson, whom I know from Lost). He does many evil (and illegal) things throughout the series, though Kristen and the others generally can't prove this. To make matters worse, Leland eventually starts dating Sheryl, which forces Kristen to stop her from seeing her daughters, out of fear for their safety.

And... the show has a mysterious, over-arching mythology involving some sort of ancient prophecy about a group called "the 60," which may be demonic in nature, or may just be a group of psychopaths (presumably including Leland) who believe in the prophecy and are trying to enact it. I don't really know much about that yet, partly because I have a poor memory, partly because I have trouble following any of it in the first place, and partly because the show hasn't revealed a ton about it yet. (It's certainly unclear to me how many individual incidents that are investigated by David's team are directly related to that, and how many are stand-alone stories.) But it's definitely interesting, and I look forward to learning more about it in season 2. Beyond that, I guess I don't want to reveal any more details of season 1, for now.

Season Two
In the second season, the series moved from CBS to Paramount+, which I don't get, so I'm not sure if or when I might ever be able to see it. Which really annoys me.

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