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Aliens in the Family, on ABC
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This aired for eight episodes in 1996, and I'm not sure if I saw all of them. It was a sort of sci-fi twist on "The Brady Bunch." A single dad named Doug Brody was abducted by an alien single mom named Cookie. They fell in love and got married, and Cookie moved to Earth with her kids, Snizzy, Spit, and Bobut, to live with Doug and his kids, Heather and Adam. (Cookie was the only alien character played by a human actor; her kids were muppets.) Also, baby Bobut had a (human) nanny named Sally. It was one of the most redonkulous shows ever, seeming to be a spoof of sitcom conventions, or something. Re. Donk. U. Lous. I don't really remember any specific stories, and basically the only character I remember clearly is Bobut, who I always thought was really funny. (He's like a cross between Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs and Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.) I will never in my life forget his catch phrase, "I require pudding... now." (It's all in the delivery.)

One other thing I remember thinking involved the fact that Doug was played by John Bedford Lloyd, whom I knew from the far, far, far superior series Remember WENN. This show aired during the period after his character, Victor Comstock, had left that show. But (insufficiently spaced spoiler alert) he eventually returned to that show. I can't recall for sure if it was after Victor returned to Remember WENN, or even before that, while watching this show, that I got the crazy idea that the entire existence of "Aliens in the Family" could have been an attempt at misdirection, to cover up the fact that Victor was going to return, by having his actor star in another show. Which would explain why this show (aside from Bobut) was so bad: because it was never intended to last. Like I said, absolutely absurd, this theory of mine.

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