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Coach, on ABC
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It seems a bit odd to include a series that ran for nine seasons in my "too something" category, but the fact is whenever I've thought about it, I've decided not to include an entry for the show at all. I suppose I probably should, though. Sigh. I didn't get ABC for most of the show's run, but I'm sure I must have had the option to see it. Probably my local CBS channel aired it pre-primetime, as it did with lots of network shows. Maybe it was on the Canadian channel that came in fuzzy. And surely the last couple of seasons, I must have gotten ABC. So... at some time or another, I saw a little bit of it. And it was probably okay, but I never really got into it. Maybe it's because I didn't like sports, but that's not a good argument, because there have been other sitcoms, movies, etc., based to one degree or another on sports, that I did like. Maybe I just... didn't like it. I don't remember.

In any event, it was about a college football coach named Hayden Fox (Craig T. Nelson). There were a couple of assistant coaches: Luther Van Dam (played by Jerry Van Dyke; I don't think I know him for anything else except being the brother of Dick Van Dyke) and Michael "Dauber" Dybinski (Bill Fagerbakke). They could be kind of amusing, sometimes, but mostly I think I found them mildly annoying. I dunno. The only other person I remember from the show was Hayden's girlfriend/wife, Christine Armstrong (Shelley Fabares). There were other regular characters, including Hayden's college-age daughter, but I don't remember her or anyone else. Probably because I saw very little of the show. Still, I feel like it was probably better than I gave it credit for, and maybe I would like it better if I watched it now, from the beginning. Still... it's just not of any importance to me, I'm afraid.

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