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Step By Step, on ABC (s1-6) / CBS (s7)
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This ran for 160 episodes over seven seasons, but I didn't watch very much of it, because for the most part, I thought it was pretty insipid. Anyway, it starred Patrick Duffy (from Dallas) as Frank Lambert and Suzanne Somers (from Three's Company) as Carol Foster. Frank was divorced and Carol was widowed, and then they met each other and got married. They both had some kids, so the family got blended, Brady Bunch-style. (So they all became step-siblings. Get it?) Carol's oldest kid was Dana (Staci Keanan, who I probably vaguely knew from having seen a very little bit of "My Two Dads"). Frank's oldest kid was J.T. And Frank and Carol each had at least a couple other kids, who I don't remember so well. And Frank had a nephew named Cody (played by Sasha Mitchell, who I also knew from "Dallas"). Dana was the best character, because... well, she was intelligent, and generally annoyed by much of the same stuff that annoyed me about the show (except of course that for her, it was life). Cody was mildly amusing, though, in a dim but likable way. And I guess the show could be kind of funny, if never really clever.

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