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Introductory Notes
Originally I didn't expect to have much here, but that eventually changed. More and more shows are premiering on lots of digital platforms. And of course there are some shows that have their own website, or that stream on other sites I may not be aware of. I also want to mention that I didn't originally plan on classifying anything on Netflix as "web series," since I assumed that if I ever subscribed to that service, I'd watch it on a TV, rather than a computer. But I eventually changed my mind... which only served to increase the number of things I'd call webseries. Even without including Netflix, though, there were still getting to be a lot of series I was reviewing, so I finally decided to break up my web reviews into different categories, just like I'd long done with movies and TV (and more recently, books).

Well, there are lots of webseries I've never seen (or never even heard of), and lots in which I would have no interest. But you might want to check out Wikipedia's List of web television series, or for more personal recommendations (by people other than me), check out the Web Series thread on Geek & Sundry.

While I mostly review webseries, I also have a couple of reviews of websites:
The Hollywood Stock Exchange

I also originally included reviews of College Humor and Funny or Die under the heading of "websites," but when I created categories for my webseries reviews, I moved those sites to "networks."
For a list of other websites I find particularly fun and/or useful, see tek's preferred links.

I wanted to mention that the links to other sites that I put at the top of my web reviews are basically the same sites as in my TV or movie reviews, including The Internet Movie Database (IMDb), TV Tropes, Wikia, and Wikipedia. But I also want to include links to sites that are specifically about webseries. Unfortunately, the only one I was aware of eventually disappeared.

Other notes
See my TV section's introductory notes.