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BoJack Horseman, Netflix
A.V. Club; IMDb; Netflix; TV.com; TV Tango; TV Tropes; WebVeeGuide; Wikia; Wikipedia

I can't watch this because I don't get Netflix. And when I first heard of it, it didn't sound like something that would interest me, anyway. But since then, I guess I've read some good things about it, so I might like to at least check it out, someday.

Dawn of the Croods, Netflix
DreamWorks; IMDb; Netflix; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikia; Wikipedia

This is a prequel to the movie The Croods. I've been unable to see it because I don't get Netflix, but I'd like to check it out someday.

Lego Elves: Secrets of Elvendale, Netflix
IMDb; Netflix; TV Tango; TV Tropes; Wikia

I learned of the existence of this show from an article on Kotaku (which I suppose I probably saw shared on facebook). The first season is 8 episodes, and I don't know if there's going to be another season. But anyway, it looks like something I'd like to check out if I ever get the chance.

DCAU Wiki; World's Finest

This ran for 14 episodes in 2000, about the same time as Gotham Girls. I'm pretty sure I never saw any of it, but I'd like to.

Red vs. Blue
Cinedigm Entertainment; IMDb; official website; RvB Wiki; TV Tropes; Wikipedia; YouTube

This began in 2003, and as of 2018, it's still making new seasons. It's probably one of the earliest webseries I was ever aware of. I know some of my cousins were fans, back in the day, but I can't remember if they were the ones who first introduced me to it, or if I'd already been aware of it, or what. All I know is that I never watched much of it, but it was amusing. And someday I might like to try to watch the whole series from the beginnng. Oh, and it's possible this is the first example of machinima I was ever aware of, I'm not sure. I do think I may have seen some machnima music videos or something, either before or after this, which I wouldn't remember now. But to be honest, I'm not that familiar with the filmmaking style, and I've probably gone entire years without the word "machinima" ever entering my mind.

Sailor Moon Crystal
ANN; A.V. Club; Crunchyroll; Hulu; IMDb; TV Tropes; VIZ Media; Wikia; Wikipedia

This 2014 original net animation a reboot of the 1990s anime Sailor Moon, apparently based more closely on the manga than the old anime series was. (But I've never read the manga.) Anyway, I could watch this online, but first I want to rewatch the entire old anime series on Hulu, which should take a couple of years. (Also, my internet is painfully slow these days, so I'm trying to limit how much stuff I watch online.) But I definitely want to see this, eventually.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures, on StarWarsKids.com and YouTube
Disney LOL; DisneyNOW; IMDb; StarWars.com; titmouse; TV Tropes; Wookieepedia; YouTube

This is a microseries made for kids, with short, animated recaps of the Star Wars movies. I definitely want to watch it one of these days...

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