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This is a site that I first stumbled upon probably in summer of 2014. It includes a number of short animated films by writer and graphic artist Katy Towell. They seem to have been made between 2008 and 2014. I watched a couple of them when I first found the site, then decided to save the rest for closer to Halloween. And so, I got back to watching them on October 30 and 31. The first half of the videos feature little girls with pale skin and big black eyes (one eye is always bigger than the other). They're definitely creepy, though they have a certain macabre cuteness about them (which I think could almost fall within the genre of "kawaii noir"). The little girls look virtually interchangeable, but they're all different characters with their own uniquely creepy stories. Anyway... it's definitely an interesting sort of anthology. Oh... in September 2015, I took another look at the site, and discovered there were more videos I hadn't seen. (Well, only one I was interested in watching, from November 2014, but maybe this means there'll be others to check out later.)

Stage Fright (0:57)
A little girl's stage fright manifests in an unexpected fashion.

The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten (8:31)
Emmeline is, for no apparent reason, neglected by everyone, including her parents. She has all the toys she could want, but she's lonely. So one night, she wishes on a star for a friend who would do whatever she wants. Her wish comes true, and she's happy for awhile... but then something happens that spoils everything.

When Genevieve Ruled the World (8:41)
This is a secret history about a little girl who had everything, and it wasn't enough. So one day, she decided to take over the world....

Candy (2:07)
A little girl shows up at a woman's door, apparently trick-or-treating. But it's a month early, so the woman tells her to go away. The girl doesn't.

Cupid's Last Stand (2:26)
A little girl decides to go to war against Cupid. I don't quite get it, but at least the video made interesting use of "In the Hall of the Mountain King."

Never Woke Up (1:38)
A little girl falls asleep and has scary dreams. And um... I think she's in a coma, probably.

The Black Halloween (2:48)
One trick-or-treater's tricks are deadly.

El Despertar (4:25)
When a small Spanish village is overrun by zombies, one man goes searching for help. He finds it in the form of a little girl who can use flamenco dancing to return the zombies to their graves. But she won't do it without getting paid.

Ida's Luck - Part 1 (6:49) & Part 2 (8:54)
One day Mrs. P finds a little girl who doesn't speak, but is wearing a name tag that says "Ida." She and her husband take Ida to live with them, "just until her parents turn up." But they never do. Eventually, strange things start happening around town, whenever Ida is nearby. Finally an angry mob of townsfolk turn against Ida, and try to get rid of her. Which is a bad idea.... (Note: This seems to be the last of the videos with the girls with different-sized eyes.)

Agony (3:27)

The Mockingbird Song (10:03)
One of the few videos with a little girl who looks normal. And Shawnee was normal, except for having vampires for parents.

Don't Go Near the Old Ash Tree (1:34)
Um... it's just a whispered poem, or something. Hard to make out. But... there's a tree that you shouldn't go near. *shrug*

Death & Elsie - Part 1 (4:01) & Part 2 (3:56)
Death has to take the life of a sick little girl, but can't bring himself to send her to the other side, so he makes her his helper. (BTW, Elsie looks a lot like the girls from the earlier videos, except her eyes are the same size.) In part 2, Death and Elsie travel with the spirit of a circus elephant named Barcas, whom Death had reaped between episodes.

Dinner for One (0:31)

The Nightmare (0:26)

Thirty Second Rule (0:39)

Sweaters for Mittens (0:42)
Craziest crazy old cat lady ever.

Let's Wind Up the Story Box! (0:54)

Death & Elsie - Part 3 (4:54)
Elsie and Barcas finally pass through the door into the hereafter, and Death will miss them. But the story ends with a touching callback to when Death and Elsie first met.

The Autumnal Collector (6:21)
There's this guy who travels the world collecting souls. Not sure what else to say.

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