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Post-Apocalypto, on YouTube
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This 6-episode series was released in fall of 2018, leading up to the release of Tenacious D's album of the same name. It's an illustrated series... not really animated, just a series of crude drawings, though I'd say that once you get used to the format, you might almost forget that it's not quite animated. But I do have to say that there is frequently some very graphic sexual imagery. (So I guess it's "crude" in two senses of the word.) Anyway... In the first episode, an atomic bomb is dropped that basically destroys most of the human race, apparently. But of course, the band Tenacious D (JB and KG) survive. And they then have a series of redonkulous adventures in their travels across the post-apocalyptic wasteland. And they get a two-headed dog that they name "Hope," which later grows a third head. In the fourth episode, they're joined by a robot from the future (like in Terminator 2), sent by JB's son to help save the world, or whatever.

And um... I guess I don't want to spoil any more details. But It feel like the script was probably as sketchy as the drawings. And I tend to doubt there was any rehearsing of the voice acting. Which is as it should be. I think the whole point of virtually anything Tenacious D ever does is to seem off-the-cuff, and like they're not even really trying to be good. That's what makes them so great. Or... whatever they are.

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