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Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy, on YouTube
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So, this series originally appeared on its own website, between 2008 and 2009, but that website's gone now. You can still see a few episodes on its official YouTube channel, but not nearly all of them. I'm sure you could find lots of others by doing a YouTube search, or just googling it. Or you could buy the DVD. Anyway, it's a series of very short cartoons (like 50 of them, about half of which originated on the DVD rather than the web), created by Seth MacFarlane (as the title suggests), who is of course famous for creating Family Guy and American Dad. If you like those shows at all, you should definitely like this webseries, because it has the same sense of humor. I don't remember how many episodes I saw on the web, but certainly not all of them. However, I eventually got the DVD, so now I have seen all of them. But there's really not much I can say about the series except that it's totally random. Anyway, I found some of it reasonably funny, and some of it just plain gross and/or mildly offensive. Which is pretty much how I feel about MacFarlane's TV shows.

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