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Since I first learned of RocketJump's existence in late 2014, I saw a few random short films on their channel. And in early 2018, I decided it was finally time that I should start seriously watching some of their old shorts, and make a page where I list at least my favorites among them. This, then, is that page. (There are a ton of vids I didn't watch at all, and some I did watch but don't mention here. That doesn't necessarily mean I didn't like them.)


Depth Perception (4:48)

Two private eyes (one played by Freddie Wong), each of whom only has one good eye, team up on a case. And between the two of them... they have two good eyes. It's redonkulous, but amusing.


Flower Warfare (2:47)

Freddie and a badass woman (I guess her character is named Moonchild) shoot a bunch of goons have come to get "Rico's stuff." But instead of blood, there are flowers.

The Rocket Jump (1:36)

Some people are in a combat situation, and a sniper is picking them off. One guy (Freddie) finally uses his rocket launcher to beat the enemy. I dunno, maybe this is based on some video game scenario that I'm unfamiliar with. Honestly, I don't really care about the video itself, but I guess maybe this is where the production company got its name from? So it's probably best to include it here.

Hypnosis with Kevin Pollack (8:12)

Just... I can't even tell you. It's fucking hilarious. I don't know if it's real and it doesn't matter. Either way, it's fucking hilarious.


Troll Massacre (1:47)

Freddie and some other guy fight trolls. They're pretty easy to kill (especially if you have a ban hammer). I just think it's a shame you can't deal with internet trolls like this in real... uh... life? Whatever.

One Shot ft. Eliza Dushku (2:59)

Freddie lets his partner handle a mission to rescue a woman, who is played by Eliza Dushku. He does a very good job, but Freddie and Eliza aren't impressed.

Medal of Honor Cat (1:31)

This is apparently based on the "Medal of Honor" video games (which I've never played). A cat soldier heroically mans a machine gun to protect his (human) comrades during battle. I didn't originally plan to include this vid on my list, but... I find that it's more memorable to me than I expected it to be.

Whose gun is it, anyway? (1:31)

Freddie is accosted by a mugger (Clinton Jones, aka pwnisher) with a gun. The two of them fight, with each of them repeatedly taking control of the gun. It's both badass and amusing. (Although I don't think it's quite as good as the sequel, in 2013.)

Flower Warfare: The Beginning (2:46)

A prequel to "Flower Warfare," in which Freddie and Moonchild shoot up a bunch of people while stealing Rico's stuff. Whatever it is.


Pimp My Horse (2:36)

This is a parody of "Pimp My Ride," in which Freddie pimps Clint's horse. It's just hysterically redonkulous.

Legend of Zelda: Pot Smasher (1:54)

Link smashes a bunch of pots, apparently for the sheer joy of smashing pots. (He doesn't even take any of the gems that were in them.) TBH, the only reason I mention this vid is because Link is played by Lindsey Stirling (presumably because she had previously dressed as Link in her own music video).


Mexican Standoff (5:02)

A couple of agents played by Freddie and Keegan-Michael Key face off against a bad guy named Cortez, played by Jordan Peele. And things get increasingly, hilariously redonkulous. It's fucking awesome.

Whose Plane is it Anyway (3:04)

This, of course, is the sequel to "Whose gun is it anyway?" A stewardess announces that there's no pilot, and asks if any of the passengers can fly the plane. It turns out that Freddie and the mugger (Clint) are both passengers, and they immediately start fighting over which one will get to fly the plane.


Gorilla Wayfare (2:12)

So um... a woman (played by Ashly Burch) has designed a transportation system that uses... barrel cannons. It's horribly unsafe, but she is friggin' awesome, and I would totes buy whatever she's selling.

Tie Fighters (3:00)

Freddie and Jimmy Kimmel fight... over ways of tying neckties. And things get weird.


Every 90's Commercial Ever (2:08)

Honestly, if you remember commercials from the 90s, you'll love this. It's spot on... except for the hilarious horror aspect. (I saw this short some time before starting this page, though probably not until a couple years or so after it was released.)

London Brawling (4:44)

A spy (seemingly of the Kingsman type) runs into Freddie, and picks up the wrong umbrella when he leaves. Then some enemies who were chasing him tangle with Freddie, who does pretty well, using the spy's umbrella.

The Rush (4:02)

This is a sci-fi/horror kind of thing. It's okay, but really only of interest to me because Ellary Porterfield is in it.

Pixel Cops (3:09)

Just... what?

Worst Wifi Password Ever (1:27)

The title is accurate. (Stars Freddie's younger brother, Jimmy Wong, whom I know from VGHS.)


Nuclear Hiccup (3:58)

A commando (Clint) must deactivate a time bomb by entering a voice command. But can the hero overcome a case of the hiccups? A tech support person (Ashly) coaches him via headset.

Sleep Fighter (5:04)

A girl (Ellary) is not happy that her mom has married a guy with a daughter (Ashly), whom she finds annoying. (I guess Ashly's character is 8. I have no idea how old Ellary's character is supposed to be, considering both actresses are adults. Probably a teenager, though.) Anyway, Ashly's character has a strange condition in which she... sleep fights. Like a samurai, or something. It's um, interesting. But while it starts out making things worse between the girls, ultimately it leads to bonding, I guess.

Superhawt (2:20)

This is based on the FPS game "Superhot," which I don't think I had heard of before watching this. Jimmy plays a character who has this weird power where time only moves when he moves. Although that's not quite accurate, because everyone is still able to think and speak while time is supposedly frozen, they just can't move their bodies. (And nothing else moves, either.) Anyway... some people are trying to kill Jimmy's character. And that's all I want to say, but it's reasonably amusing.

Sale of the Century (3:19)

Ashly plays a woman who is apparently the sole worker at a company. Suddenly her computer alerts her that a sale has gone through, and she rushes around the empty building to find her boss and tell him the good news. The joke comes at the end when we learn what exactly was sold, but while I thought it was fairly amusing, I think the best part comes after the end, when Freddie explains the joke. Yeah... I think this is one of the rare instances where explaining a joke actually makes it funnier. (Just because it really is something a lot of people wouldn't get, and also because it's funny to hang a lampshade on how not-funny the joke actually is.)

Pool Fart! (2:55)

So... a group of friends are all doing their own "pool tricks," such as holding their breath underwater, cannonball, whatever. Jimmy's character's trick is just to fart in the pool, but it ends up having unexpectedly disastrous consequences. This easily could have been a really dumb video (aside from having both Jimmy and Ellary, because it's always great to see either of them, let alone both). But what happens at the very end, which I won't spoil... well, I just think it's actually a pretty funny coda.

Harold (7:20)

This is a short that I first watched when it was originally released, a few days before Halloween. And I made a page for it in my short films section, before I ever started this page. It's a very short entry, so I suppose it would make sense to move the review here, but I decided to keep it where it is, because I like its having a black and orange color scheme, unlike this page.


Dog Wick (1:49)

This is a fake movie trailer that parodies the John Wick movies (which I hadn't seen before I saw this, but I was at least aware of them). When someone kills John, his dog seeks revenge. It's pretty amusingly silly. (And it's another vid that I saw before starting this page.)

The Floor is Lava (6:26)

Things get pretty heated when Clint and his roommates play the most epic game of "the floor is lava" ever. For reals, yo. (This is another vid I saw before starting the page, and probably the one that most solidified my determination to finally start it... even if it would be another four months or so before I actually got around to it.)

Curve the Bullet (2:33)

A man receives training to shoot a gun so that the bullet's trajectory curves after it's been fired. He gets the hang of it remarkably quickly. But will he get too cocky?


Skyrim's Back! (4:07)

It starts with Freddie about to marry someone. But when Jimmy is browsing on his phone and finds out Skyrim is going to be released on Nintendo Switch, Freddie blows up his own wedding so he and Jimmy can start training in the weeks leading up to the game's release. The training montage and song are kind of amusing, but the best part is what happens at the end (which, of course, I won't spoil).

Memes (2:23)

Freddie tries to make some video memes, to appeal to today's young internet users. He is hilariously out of touch.

How Asians Park at Costco (1:41)

An interesting perspective, which starts out humorous, and ends up horrifying.

The Greatest One Shot Fight Scene Ever (5:51)

Freddie sends his assistant to retrieve the contents of his briefcase, which he had lost to a warlord. So she has to fight her way through all the henchmen to get to the warlord and the briefcase, all while Freddie is waiting to see the movie "Mile 22." It's pretty badass.

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