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Dug Days, on Disney+
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This is a series of five short films featuring Dug, the talking dog from the movie Up. His owner, Carl, has a secondary role. (This is one of Ed Asner's final roles before his death; the series was released just three days after he died.) Well... I'm not sure what to say about the series. It's just random experiences Dug has. I found it mildly amusing (I think Dug worked better as a character in "Up" than he does as the main character of a series). Though I did like some episodes better than others, particularly the final one, "Science", in which Russell puts talking collars on various animals, including a squirrel (whom Dug hates) and a bird. That was fun. And that's all I can think to say. I wish I had enjoyed the series more than I did, but it was okay.

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