comedy webseries

Well, I shouldn't need to say much about this category. It's basically just like TV sitcoms, except made for the web. Of course that means a lot of the shows will be shorter than typical sitcoms, maybe a few minutes per episode instead of a half hour, though of course some shows can be longer. There's also a fair chance that shows will be quirkier than most sitcoms (so that if they were on TV, I'd put them in my quirky shows category). And a lot of the shows will have a more sort of independently made look and feel, though some of them will be just as professional as TV shows. What else can I say? Um... I guess I'll include comedy miniseries in this category, because I haven't seen enough miniseries (either comedy or drama) on the web to warrant a separate section. And... I guess that's all I have to say (which is more than I thought I would).

See also comedy web films, anthology webseries, and animated webseries