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City Girl, on Super Deluxe / YouTube
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I think this came out in March 2017. How did I even learn it existed? I don't know. Maybe it was an article I read about it on NPR, or an article on AV News, or maybe I saw it advertised on facebook, or maybe somewhere I can't even remember. All I know is I learned of its existence while working on my review of Midnight, Texas soon after that series ended in September 2017. Because, like, Sarah Ramos was one of the stars of that show, and she's also the star of this webseries, which is based on a script that she wrote in 2003, when she was 12. So, however I learned that it existed, I got around to watching the webseries like a week later, which at the time consisted of six episodes, each around three minutes long. And it's fucking hilarious, and if no more episodes are produced, I will be very, like, tragically sad.

Anyway, Ramos plays this, like, 27-year-old woman named Casey Jones, who I guess owns a boutique called Not Too Shabby. She gets these terrible migraines, and her ex-boyfriend (with whom she's still friends) gives her the business card of his family's doctor, Christopher Foley. She goes to see him, and he immediately gives her a bottle of pills that immediately fix her problem. But still, she wants to go out to lunch with him to get to know him, so she'll be more comfortable with him being her new doctor. It's kind of obvious the story is setting them up to be a couple, despite the fact that it makes no sense. In fact nothing about the series makes any sense. Which is what's so awesome about it. Like, it's hard for me to describe, but all the actors seem to play it like everything makes sense to them (the characters), and it's all perfectly normal or whatever, but at the same time they play it like they (the actors) are totally aware of how weird and unrealistic it all is. It's that sort of simultaneous dichotomy that's fucking brilliant.

Also there are some recurring characters. The only actor besides Ramos who is really familiar to me is Alia Shawkat, who plays Dr. Foley's receptionist, or whatever. But also there's a couple named Aaron and Mon (short for Monica) who work for Casey and ostensibly look after her store whenever she's away, but seem to spend most of their time making out, or whatever. And... there are some other characters. I don't feel the need to say anything about them right now. Maybe if the series continues. We'll see.

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