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So this is basically just a commercial for the 2013 Ford Escape. It consists of 8 episodes, which are each about 6 minutes long. I saw the show advertised on Hulu about a thousand times before I finally broke down and watched it. It's about this wardrobe designer named Skylar (Natasha Leggero), who needs a car. Her friend tells her about someone else she knows who got a car for free, and Skylar manages to get the same deal. It means signing a contract without actually reading it first. Only later does she learn that she agreed to have a guy named Barry live with her and go wherever she goes, to tell her about the features of her car. (He's played by Joe Lo Truglio, who later became familiar to me from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.) Barry's a kind of weird but well-meaning guy, who basically causes Skylar nothing but trouble, and drives her crazy. And she can't cancel the contract without paying a ridiculous penalty. Anyway, in spite of technically being a car commercial... there's really not that much about the car in the show. It's mostly about all the ways Barry makes her life difficult. And it's totally redonkulous. And pretty funny. And I dunno what else to say. It's obviously a really short series, so whatever. No harm in checking it out. Not something I would have wanted to watch for a long time, but I got through the whole thing in under an hour, and it was fun.

Edit to add: it was eventually removed from the platforms where it originally appeared, but I did find a compilation video of the series on YouTube.

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