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Grumpy Princess Show, on YouTube
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This series started in January 2016, but I didn't discover it until August 2018, when I saw a video from January 2018 called "No Means No (But so do other things too!)", on facebook. I liked it, so I started watching the series, and by the end of November, I had caught up. And I think it's pretty great.

So... it's a vlog done by "Grumpy Princess" (GP), who dresses like Cinderella (in the ball scene), but she's definitely not Cinderella. GP often uses the tropes of fairy tales to make feminist commentary on modern society, or whatever. Really, it's pretty funny... and also kind of depressing. But it's not all about how terrible the patriarchy is. She does some videos about various things like the internet, movies, politics, holidays, relationships, and just totally random shit. It's all good (and snarky). Also she has a boyfriend, DonkeyPrince Charming, who is funny and adorkable. And sometimes she has other guests on the show, including both hand puppets and real live human people. (Or whatever.) And I guess that's all I can think to say. But I really dig all the feminism and the humor. GP is just really awesome, okay?

Oh yeah, I also wanted to say that the very brief theme song (which is really just the show's title) is sung in a style that sounds very familiar to me. It's a sort of off-key, childish-sounding thing, with the last syllable getting all wobbly, or whatever. I swear I've heard that exact style somewhere else before, but I can't think where, and I really wish I could. But it's not important.

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