tek's rating: ½

Tiny Feminists, on YouTube
IMDb; Yulin Kuang

This was released in 2016, but I didn't see it until 2021. It's just three very short episodes (plus a behind the scenes video), and I really wish there were more. At first I was going to put my review under "kids' webseries", because while it's funny, I also take it seriously, so I didn't want to put it under "comedy". But then I remembered there have been plenty of comedy news shows that I take seriously, so... I went with comedy after all. Besides, I'm not sure it would be safe to say it's aimed at kids, because the kids in the series do use some "adult" language. (Which is part of what makes it funny.)

Anyway, a 3rd grader named Juliette is protesting the patriarchy outside her school (for a more specific reason that I won't spoil). She meets a 5th grader named Yasmine, who decides to join her cause. In the second episode, they're joined by a girl named Linda (I have no idea what grade she's in, but probably somewhere between 3rd and 5th.) in this episode, Yasmine has an example from her life of the patriarchy being unfair. And in the third episode, Linda talks about a problem of her own (though it's not really directly tied to the patriarchy). At the end of the episode, a fourth girl joins their group. And I guess that's all there is to say about the series, but I really enjoyed it, because I think it's never too early to become a feminist and want to take down the patriarchy. Plus it's really cute.

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