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Crypt TV, YouTube/Facebook
facebook; TV Tropes; Wikipedia; YouTube

This is a YouTube and facebook channel that consists of a bunch of horror short films (some of them are comedic horror, some are even animated; some of them may have appeared elsewhere before or since they appeared here). I discovered the channel while looking for reviews of such films on Dread Central. One short that I found via that site was "Ghost Tour"; another was "Gotcher". They were both okay, but I didn't like them quite enough to write individual reviews. So I decided I might as well start watching all the shorts on the YouTube channel, rather than individually review each and every short (or even just the ones I particularly liked). So... I dunno, I guess I will mention the ones that stand out, for me. (Many of them don't, IMO, though YMMV. You could like any of them, including ones I don't mention, more or less than I do. And some of the ones I don't list here I felt conflicted about excluding.) I should mention that the length of each film can range from under a minute to around 10 or 11 minutes. (And those times all include probably about 20 seconds at the end that show previews of other episodes. So the ones that are under a minute are even shorter than they sound.)

After I finished watching the ones on YouTube, I started watching the ones on facebook. There are a lot more videos there than on YouTube, and I don't watch all of them. (Though some of the ones that are originally just on facebook eventually get added to the YouTube channel.) Obviously I don't need to rewatch the ones on facebook that I already saw on YouTube (or vice versa), but also the facebook channel has a lot of videos that aren't really short films. There are tutorials on horror effects, and things about anniversaries of movies, birthdays of actors, and various other things in which I have no interest. Plus there are lots of videos of the same films that appear multiple times on the facebook channel, for no apparent reason. (And sometimes they have different titles, for no conceivable reason, which is really annoying.) And sometimes there are films I'd discovered elsewhere and already reviewed separately before I found them on this channel, including Tuck Me In and Done In. So I won't include those on this page... and heck, maybe someday I'll go through the page and weed out anything that appeared elsewhere before CryptTV added them to their channel(s), I dunno.

Agatha (9:05)
Dread Central; facebook; iHorror; IMDb; PopHorror; YouTube

I first learned of this short sometime in 2017, probably in October, most likely from a review on iHorror. And I added it to my list of things I'd like to see someday. Then in January 2018, CryptTV put it on their YouTube channel, so I got to see it. Before I watched it, I was thinking I might give my review its own page, and just link to that from here. But after watching it... I don't have much to say about it. I liked it, I guess. And if I'd seen it independent of this (or any other) series, I probably would have reviewed it, anyway. But as it stands, I don't think I liked it quite enough to give it its own page.

Anyway... I guess it's set sometime in the 1800s. A young orphan girl gets hired to bring a plate of food up to a room at the top of some stairs, leave the plate on the table, and leave the room without ever going farther into the room than the table, and without making a sound. The "food" on the plate is always some sort of meat that doesn't look appetizing, for human consumption. And there's someone chained to the bed just beyond the table. Someone beast-like. It's all very atmospheric and spooky and ominous. But there aren't really any surprises, and I felt like in the end, we're left with more questions than answers. Which is fine, if that's your thing. Personally, I kinda like answers. But whatevs. I'm definitely glad to have seen it.

Bad Guy #2 (9:26)
Dread Central; IMDb; Modern Horrors; Short of the Week; YouTube

A henchman receives an unwanted promotion that he can't refuse.

The Birch (4:43)
Bloody Cuts; Crypt TV; IMDb; YouTube

This is apparently a co-production between Crypt TV and Bloody Cuts. I first saw it on this channel, and thought it was okay, but didn't bother mentioning it on this page until I saw that there was a trailer for it on the Bloody Cuts channel, which I started watching after I'd gotten caught up with Crypt TV. Anyway, a teenage boy is tormented by a bully. I guess he was raised by his grandmother, who on her deathbed gives him a journal that has a rather Blair Witch-looking symbol that she tells him to look for in the forest. And she tells him that... someone... will protect him. Soon after he finds the mark, his tormentor shows up in the woods to, you know, bully him some more. And then... a creepy-looking birch tree monster shows up to protect him. Really, the most interesting thing about the film is the creature design, and we don't even see it until the end of the movie, very briefly. But whatever, it's cool.

Black Sugar (10:35)
IMDb; Short of the Week; YouTube

So there are these three teenagers who hang out drinking and trying a new drug, and a fourth teenager who joins them for the first time, but doesn't want to join in their activities. Which is pretty sensible, especially when you see what the other three experience when they take the drug. It's like some horror fantasy film that I don't even want to describe. I mean... as a short film, I thought it was just sort of okay, but it's something that I think could be totally epic as a feature film.

The Cadaver's Swan Song (7:21)
IMDb; YouTube

This is set during an epidemic in 2029. Two friends have been in a hospital's waiting room for a long time, waiting for their number to be called. One of them appears healthy, the other looks like he's already been dead for quite awhile, but apparently he's still alive. Anyway... I dunno what else to say, except the only reason I'm bothering to mention this film is because there's a janitor who has a line at one point which I'm not going to spoil, but it's one of the best descriptions I've ever heard of a horrible situation. (It reminds me of something Spider Jerusalem would say.) I think the film's worth watching just for that one line. (Oh, okay, I'll hide the text here, so you can highlight it if you don't want to spare seven minutes of your time watching the film. "This isn't life. It's a shit storm being gang-raped by a clusterfuck all wrapped up in a FUBAR taquito.")

Cakeman (3:50)

A young girl is eating her birthday cake after her party, and her dad thinks it's too late in the evening for that. Meanwhile, her mom cleans up, and finds a present they'd missed, but it turns out to be empty. Until the girl takes it up to her room, and... finds horror inside the box. I don't want to say exactly what form the horror takes, but... it's both frightening and kind of absurd. In fact everything about the film is a bit weird, like even the non-horrific bits are like a campy parody of a 1950s family sitcom, or something. Which is cool.

Close Before Midnight (4:07)
facebook; Halloween Short Films; IMDb; Vimeo

Rule #1 at Jackeline's Halloween Store is to never stay past midnight. Unfortunately, the young man working there one night seems to have fallen asleep on the job, and wakes up one minute before midnight. He tries to close up and leave as quickly as possible, but of course he's too late. What happens at midnight was exactly what I was expecting, but still, I thought it was a pretty neat concept.

Closet (2:27)
Fiasco Pictures; IMDb

I discovered this on facebook, but CryptTV played less than half the video. I mean, it works just as well, but still, one might as well watch the whole video. Anyway... it's about a mother who forgets to shut her daughter's closet door before going to bed. Which is a big mistake.

Conduit (8:15)
IMDb; Tim Earnheart; YouTube

A SWAT team raids a cabin in the woods where it is believed a man named Andrew Davis had taken his daughter, Jezebeth, after kidnapping her. The team finds the father dead, and when subsequently searching the cabin for Jezebeth, they find a creepy girl with some weird cube. Looking at the cube does not end well for anyone.

Creak (2:22)

A little girl is scared of creaking noises in her room at night. But is she looking for monsters in the right places?

Dawn of the Ted (2:10)

What if being a zombie were just a day job?

Dead@17: Rebirth (9:48)
Gloria FX; IMDb; YouTube

This is based on a comic book series that I haven't read. I guess the short film was released in 2016, but I didn't see it until 2018, when it was added to Crypt TV. So... a young woman goes to the cemetery one night to talk to her best friend, who died some time ago. She obviously doesn't expect a response, and she certainly doesn't expect zombies to attack her. But that's what happens. And then her dead friend shows up and fights off the zombies. She is totally badass. So, it's a fun short, but also kind of frustrating, because it seems like the start of a series... and here it is two years later, and as far as I know there is no series. Sigh. Maybe I should think about buying the comics.

Dead Body (0:20)

This is kind of hilarious.

Dead Friends (11:17)
IMDb; Vimeo; YouTube

I guess I first saw this on CryptTV's facebook page, and I thought it was okay, but decided against including it here. However, I later saw another short by the same director, Stephen W. Martin, called "Dead Hearts" (see below). I liked that one well enough that I decided to give this one another watch, and while my opinion is about the same as it was the first time (it's not nearly as good as "Dead Hearts"), I guess I'm feeling a bit more generous toward it, now. It's about a little girl who has no friends except her stuffed bunny, and is often bullied by other girls she knows. One day, she finds a human ear, and plants it in a pot. It grows into a hand, which she replants outside in her little flower garden. That grows into a rather feral living dead boy, who becomes her new playmate (though most people would have found his appearance scary, this little girl did not). But while she treats him as a friend, he doesn't seem to particularly like the way she treats him. Still, he remains subservient to her, for no apparent reason. And... more things happen, which I don't want to spoil. I'll just say the girl's perspective on what sort of behavior is disturbing and what isn't... is pretty screwed up. Anyway, I guess it's a sort of cute and amusing film, in its own dark way. Also it has some decent music.

Dead Hearts (16:40)
This is something I saw on CryptTV's facebook page that I don't think is on their YouTube page. Anyway, I gave it its own review.

Demon Clown (9:55)
IMDb; YouTube

I don't really see this as a horror short, either scary or comedic. It's done in the form of a documentary (or mockumentary) about a man who just wants to be a clown and make people, especially children, happy. He seems sweet, naive, innocent. But people misunderstand him and think he's creepy. It reminds me of the whole "clown panic" thing that happened in 2016, in the real world. (And that was the year this short film was made, so I'd think it was likely inspired by that.) I dunno, I just think it's an interesting and different perspective on that whole phenomenon. Maybe it's meant to be funny, and while I can see the potential humor in it, I couldn't help but take it more seriously, and just feel bad for this guy. (Even if he was just a fictional character.)

The Door in the Woods (13:06)

Three boys and a girl named Carrie are walking through the woods, looking for a door, which the people of their "colony" has stories about. It houses a "brute" which can be called out or sent back through the door, by reciting specific rhymes. When they find the door, not really believing the stories, they end up unleashing the brute, which ends up killing a bunch of people in their small town. It's definitely a terrifying creature. And... I'm not sure what else to say, except this will probably tie into various other short films and series within the Crypt TV universe.

The Drawing (1:57)
IMDb; Vimeo; YouTube

A young boy finishes drawing a monster just before going to bed. And... that was probably a bad idea.

The Exorcism (4:28)
IMDb; YouTube

This... I can't even say anything about the plot without spoiling it. But it's just hilarious.

The Final Girl (4:31)
IMDb; YouTube

I found this one on CryptTV's facebook, but there it was called "Final Girls." A serial killer is chasing a woman who is helping an injured man. They hide out in a barn, which the killer soon enters... but soon things get amusing in a redonkulous way, after which the tables turn. I dunno, it's just weird and funny.

From Below (1:37)
Ben Sottak; facebook; Vimeo; YouTube

A girl hears some eerie music in the attic, and goes to investigate. After she turns off the player, she looks around the room and begins seeing some creepy things, culminating in some writing on the rafters that leads to the really terrifying climax.

Ghost Tour (7:11)
Dread Central; IMDb; YouTube

After the final tour in a museum that's about to be shut down, the tour guide makes a shocking discovery.

Gotcher (3:02)
Dread Central; IMDb; YouTube

There's a support group for people with a particularly unusual traumatic experience from their childhoods.

Hada (6:22)
I gave this its own review, because it's just hella scary, and because the full version is 9 minutes.

The Hallway (0:45)
facebook; IMDb; Vimeo

(Aka "The Thing in the Hall") Saw this on facebook. So, um... a guy gets a fright, which will be easily understood by J-horror fans. But the film quickly takes a humorous turn... and then... shit. Sometimes fear really is more dangerous than the thing we fear.

Happy Mother's Day (1:54)
IMDb; YouTube

On Mother's Day, a daughter expresses her appreciation for all her mother does for her. We see scenes of her mom going to horrific, overprotective lengths to keep her daughter safe. It's kind of amusing, and also the relationship between mother and daughter vaguely reminds me of the relationship between Big Daddy and Hit Girl.

The Horrors of AutoCorrect (5:43)
facebook; IMDb

A woman named Jenny is sitting at home, watching an old scary movie, when she gets a phone call from an apparent serial killer, though she takes it for a prank call. And she tells him to text her instead. He does, but... AutoCorrect leads to some humorous errors, which Jenny makes fun of, to the killer's deep frustration. So, it's an amusing little film. But in the end, will he ducking kill her, or not? You'll have to watch to find out.

Human Tacos (1:59)

You can probably guess what this is about. And for most of the film's brief runtime, it's straight-up horror that I didn't really like. But there's a joke at the end that makes it worthwhile. (FYI, the dialog is in Spanish, with English subtitles.)

Imaginary Friend (0:46)

A young girl is playing hide & seek with her babysitter, but she also wants the sitter to try to find her imaginary friend, Milo.

It's Only a Movie (2:20)

I saw this on facebook. Turns out it's just the intro movie for a short horror film festival of the same name, but I thought it was pretty good, so maybe I should check out some of the other films on the festival's website. Anyway, a little girl is playing with her toys, but then gets frightened by something in her closet, and wakes up screaming. Her mom comes in and tells her she just had a bad dream, and if she can't control her fear, she can't watch any more scary movies. And she says, "Just keep telling yourself 'It's only a movie.'" Well... the film has a sort of double-twist ending, one that's pretty funny and one that's scary.

Jefferson (3:14)
IMDb; YouTube

This is an amusing spoof of grindhouse movies. An old man interrupts some young men and women (or maybe they're supposed to be teenagers) partying up on the Fourth of July. The man tells them about how a very specific series of actions (which the youngsters all do) will cause Thomas Jefferson to return from the grave to exact vengeance for disrespecting the holiday, or whatever. And of course, it's all true.

KinderFänger (6:37)

A bunch of people are out looking for a bunch of missing children. Among the search party is woman and her nearly deaf daughter, Jordan. They're mainly interested in finding Jordan's brother, Max. It turns out the missing children had been lured away by the sound of a flute being played by a ghostly sort of grim reaper (or a grim reaper-ish ghost). Jordan manages to find Max and all the other kids, apparently breaking the ghost-reaper's spell, but there's another twist in store....

Knock (5:09)
facebook; Halloween Short Films; IMDb; Vimeo

This is one I found on facebook. On Halloween night, a young woman named Murielle accepted a dare from some friends, based on a local legend. There's this abandoned mine where a witch is supposedly buried, or whatever. The dare is to knock on the mine's door three times, saying the witch's name. After doing this, Murielle hears something that terrifies her, so she runs back home to hide. Soon, her roommate Emma returns home, and tries to convince her there's nothing to fear, it's all just a silly prank. Of course, that turns out not to be true. I totally saw the twist ending coming the whole time, but it was still fairly creepy.

Knock Knock! (7:17)
IMDb; Maxence Rapp; official site; Vimeo; YouTube

This is in French, with English subtitles (though there's really not much dialogue). A woman is about to hang a mirror in her apartment, and the instructions on the back say to knock three times on the wall. At first she decides not to do that, but eventually she does. And then she starts hearing knocking coming from her front door. When she opens it, there's no one there, but there's a box on the floor. She takes it into her apartment, and then starts hearing knocking that seems to move around, coming by turns from every door in the apartment. Of course this freaks her out. And... I don't want to say how it ends.

Krampus Is Here (1:29)
facebook; IMDb; John William Ross; YouTube

This short was made by director John Ross, in anticipation of Mike Dougherty's 2015 Krampus movie. I guess it's not so much a part of this anthology as it is CryptTV's "1 Minute Horror" series, which I don't know much about. But since I don't have a page for that series, and I thought this short was reasonably fun, I might as well mention it here. Anyway... a family is taking turns reading parts of "A Visit from St. Nicholas." At the start of the film, a grandmother is just finishing her part, and her teenage granddaughter (who seems kind of goth) is supposed to read the next part. (The girl is listed as "Hannah" on IMDb, though no names are mentioned in the film, and the video I saw has no credits.) But Hannah would rather read about Krampus. Her father tells her not to, but when she takes the book and starts reading the poem, she soon starts making up her own verses. And... you can probably guess what happens next.

Latch (3:56)

Just... don't go in the closet. Okay? And keep the door closed.

Launder Man (3:14)
IMDb; YouTube

So this woman is doing laundry, though I'm not sure if it's at a laundromat or like a basement laundry room of an apartment building, or what. Anyway, she drops some change and goes looking for it in a back room, and... she's not alone, back there. I thought the film was creepy AF, but also kind of redonk.

The Look-See (series)
IMDb; Landon Stahmer; YouTube

At first, I thought this was just a one-off short film, and for all I know that was the original intention, even if it didn't make a whole lot of sense. But eventually they started releasing more episodes, and I wasn't sure if they were all stand-alone shorts that happened to feature the same monster, or if the story was developing into an actual webseries. I suppose ultimately it has become a series, as we're starting to get hints of how this whole thing will eventually tie together. Or at least, hints that it will tie together, if not so much how it will. But so far, it still doesn't make much sense.

Anyway, the Look-See is a monster that I'd call a sort of shark-man in a suit (but that's not quite right). His victims receive messages, one way or another, that say "If you yourself cannot release then it will come to take a piece." So I guess each victim is just refusing to accept some loss or other, whether it's a marriage that ended, or a child who died, or whatever. Personally, I think the whole thing is pretty unfair. Nevertheless, I do want to see where the story leads. I'll be pissed if we never get any real answers.

Love Bitten (10:47)
Dan Allen Films; IMDb; YouTube

A guy named Alex gets dumped by his girlfriend, Lizzy, and... this somehow leads to his deciding to become a vampire. Honestly, I don't know what else to say about this film. It's just redonkulous. But funny.

M is for Masticate (2:43)
ABCs of Death 2; YouTube

I really didn't care for most of this video. A guy in his underwear runs down the sidewalk knocking people over and eventually gets to some actual masticating. But before that, just looking at the guy's crazy eyes, I was like, "What is this guy on?" The video only really gets good (i.e., funny) at the very end, with a quick flashback that answers my question.

Marco Polo (2:18)
IMDb; YouTube

A couple go swimming in a pool where they really shouldn't be.

Meow (11:33)
Chris Jopp Films; Dread Central; facebook; IMDb; official website; Vimeo; YouTube

A young woman named Samantha moves into an apartment where there's a strict no pets policy. However, a stray cat shows up in her apartment, and she decides to keep it... despite her landlord frequently stopping by and seeming suspicious. And "Meow" (as she calls it) may turn out to be more than an ordinary cat....

The Mime (3:35)
Dan Allen; IMDb; YouTube

A woman is walking along a dimly lit corridor at night, when suddenly she drops her purse. She stops to pick up the contents, but soon encounters a creepy mime in a hooded jacket, who mirrors her every movement. She gets annoyed, and then gets clever... but in the end, things go very badly for her. (While I first saw this on CryptTV in June 2018, it was originally released in January 2018 on Dan Allen's own webseries, "3 Minute Horror.")

The Mimic (2:21)
IMDb; YouTube

A man lies in bed reading, when his young son calls out from the next room complaining that he can't sleep in his new room, since the family moved. The father tries to convince him to go back to sleep. What happens next isn't exactly surprising, given the film's title, but it's still creepy. And there's an even creepier moment at the very end.

Morgu (2:48)
IMDb; YouTube

A woman is planning to move to a new house, but her young daughter doesn't want to leave the old one. And she may have the power to back up her wish to stay. The short itself is decent, but it really left me wanting to know more of the backstory, maybe even see a feature film based on this concept.

NightmARes (3:11)
13th Floor; IMDb; Vimeo; YouTube

A woman is trying an AR game that apparently involves a ghost. And... things get weird.

Peek-A-Boo (1:57)

A couple go out for the night, but the mother is worried about having left their children home alone. So she checks in on them via a camera feed on her phone.

Peripheral (2:41)
IMDb; YouTube

A psychiatrist is trying to treat a woman who believes there is a monstrous girl that only appears in her peripheral vision. So she wears special goggles to prevent her from seeing the girl. Of course the doctor doesn't believe in the monster... which, needless to say, is a big mistake.

Pest Control (0:45)

An exterminator is hired to go up into a narrow crawlspace above a ceiling and get rid of whatever's been making noise up there. It turns out exactly like I expected, but it's still creepy. And I kind of wish the film were longer.

Photoshop Nightmare (1:08)

This is deeply disturbing to watch, but I do think it's a somewhat interesting concept. Sort of a modern twist on the whole voodoo doll concept, which could perhaps also be taken as a commentary on society's obsession with unrealistic standards of beauty. (Though on a side note, it's absolutely ludicrous to think anyone would feel the need to photoshop the model in this film, anyway.)

Playing Doctor (1:54)
IMDb; YouTube

A couple return from a date to pick up their son, whom they had left with another couple. The babysitting couple have a daughter who had been playing with the first couple's son.

Pokemon Go Gone Wrong (0:31)

Just because.

The Prey (7:25)
IMDb; YouTube

A couple are driving home after a Halloween party. They get into an argument, and the woman decides to get out of the car and walk home. She ends up being followed by a guy who obviously has bad intentions, but there's a twist ending. I liked the film because it reminded me slightly of a story I came up with many years ago, based on a dream I had. (I mean, the twist was pretty much the same, but every other detail was different.)

Red (5:04)
IMDb; Vimeo

Found this on facebook. It's an animated twist on "Little Red Riding Hood" with a very dark ending.

Scary Mask (2:14)
IMDb; Vimeo

I found this one on facebook. A guy is enjoying a Halloween party to which he was not invited. When another guest shows up... well, it quickly becomes apparent what the twist is going to be, but I thought it was pretty cool and amusing, with a sort of Twilight Zone vibe.

The Shortest Horror Movie Ever (0:45)

Well... it's definitely very short. And the end is, IMO, very funny.

Slasher Therapy (1:09)

(On facebook this one's called "Confessions of a Slasher.") What's an old-school slasher to do when people just don't fear him anymore?

Sleepy Eyes (4:16)
IMDb; Modern Horrors; YouTube

A girl is trying to go to sleep, but she keeps hearing her bedroom door open. When she turns around to look, it's always closed. Eventually she gets up and starts checking things out. And things get very creepy. There's definitely something in the room with her, but perhaps the scariest thing about the film is that we never actually see what that thing is. Nor do we really have any idea of its intentions; it may just be trying to scare her, because we never see it hurt her. Still, if I were her, I would have gotten outta there instead of continuing to investigate.

Sunny Family Cult

A webseries about a murderous cult, and one girl's struggle to fit in... or not.

Teddy Bears are for Lovers (11:38)
facebook; IMDb; Royal Adventure Society; Short of the Week; Vimeo

This is one I found on facebook. A guy named Collin gives a teddy bear to his latest girlfriend, to keep her company when he's not around. But it soon turns out this is a tactic he's used to break up with many girlfriends in the past, and the teddy bears are not happy about it....

Telos (2:37)

So there's this orb with an Eye of Horus on it. And this guy takes the orb out of its box and skeptically makes a wish, which immediately comes true. So he quickly starts making more wishes, but... well, the rather gory, horrific punchline of the short totally put me in mind of The Crunch Bird.

The Terrible Tale of Jacquelyn Torne (6:47)
Ill Willed Productions; IMDb; YouTube

Four teenage girls sit around in a dark room on Halloween night, while one of them tells the tale of Jacquelyn Torne (which we see reenacted). She was the wife of Peter Pumpkin-Eater, who, in this version of the story, murdered her and buried her in the pumpkin patch. And later she rose from the grave to exact her revenge. And according to the girl telling the story, she can be called back on Halloween night, to seek vengeance against someone else, I guess. And... that's all I want to say about the plot. I guess I don't know what else to say, except the film has some nicely creepy visuals.

Tethers (3:19)
IMDb; YouTube

A woman gets separated from her friends at night out in the woods or whatever. A nearly dead man gives her a warning not to trust anyone. Then she finds her friends again. Then... some stuff happens that involves some first-rate special effects, like you'd expect from a big budget sci-fi/horror film. (Really, the quality of the monsters is the only reason I care about this short.)

The Thing in the Apartment (9:55)
Crypt TV; Dread Central; IMDb; John William Ross; Short of the Week; YouTube

A woman named Lindsay, who has recently started taking sleeping pills, calls her friend Sam one night, after having run out of her apartment in terror. She tells Sam that she saw something in her apartment, and in a flashback, we'll see what she saw. And I'd say she had more than ample reason to be terrified. Sam comes to pick Lindsay up, then drives her back to the apartment. Lindsay doesn't want to go back in, but Sam decides to check things out, herself. And things do not go so well. That'll all I'll say for now, but the story will be continued....

The Thing in the Apartment: Chapter II (3:55)
IMDb; YouTube

Well, this is about two different characters than the ones in the first short film, though it's set on the same night. A woman named Leah is scared; she has the feeling that something's been watching her through the wall. Sean (who I assume is her husband) wakes up when there are strange noises coming from another apartment in their building (Lindsay's apartment). He tries to reassure Leah, then goes to check out what's going on. I don't want to say more than that, but it definitely seems there's more to the story than I would have guessed based on chapter I, though so far I have no idea what it all means. So I do hope there'll be a chapter III to continue the story.

Trish (5:15)
IMDb; YouTube

A jogger is followed home by a stalker. Same basic twist ending as in "The Prey" (and probably some other films on this channel, which I haven't listed here), but I thought this was worth mentioning because I find the part that comes after the twist rather sweet.

Troubled Youth (3:41)
IMDb; YouTube

Something is killing everyone at a high school. A group of students try to hide from it. Of course they fail, but there's a fun twist ending. (I mean, certainly not a happy ending, but....) Anyway, this came out in January 2018. In October, there was a second episode, Nobody's Sheep, which surprised me, because I didn't expect it to become a series.

Turned (12:33)
Adam Bolt; IMDb; Vanishing Angle; YouTube

A woman and her young son are staying with a man during a zombie apocalypse, or whatever. When the mother realizes she's been infected, she knows she has to kill herself before losing her mind and becoming a danger to her son. But first she must also make sure he's safe from the man they're staying with. It's a very serious, dramatic, heartbreaking story.

Under the Bed (2:16)
facebook; IMDb; Vimeo

A woman is home alone at night with her dog. She goes to bed, and reaches down to let the dog lick her fingers from its bed on the floor. Time passes. She wakes up later, and reaches down for the dog to lick her fingers again. Then she gets up and goes to investigate a dripping sound, or whatever. (I couldn't really hear it.) What she finds... well, it pretty much confirmed what I expected all along, but it was still creepy AF. (This is based on an urban legend I had never heard of, but later in the same year that I saw this short film, I coincidentally learned of it in the movie Urban Legends: Final Cut.)

Uneventful (2:29)
Fahdi Kanavati; IMDb; YouTube

When a coworker asks a woman how her weekend was, we see a series of flashbacks to said weekend. It is what I would describe as a tragedy of errors. But of course, the only way she can answer her coworker's question is... well, you know.


This is a webseries that as far as I can tell has only four episodes, which don't tell a complete story. I feel like it could be a decent story if it were completed, but I doubt it will be.

When Waldo Meets Carmen San Diego (0:41)

Just... WTF?

Woman in the Book (0:50)
IMDb; YouTube

I don't even know what to say about this.

Working with Damian (5:23)
IMDb; Tim Earnheart; YouTube

So... a demon named Damian has been punished by being forced to work in a corporation. And he gets a performance review. And... I dunno what else to say, it's just situationally amusing.

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