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This is a supernatural comedy series, from executive producers Felicia Day and Bryan Singer. The first season is only four episodes long, which didn't give me much of a chance to really get into it. I definitely liked it, but I think I'd like it more if there was a second season.

It's about this team of paranormal investigators called, simply enough, the Paranormal Investigation Team (or PIT). The "managing director" of the team, whatever that means, is a guy named Connor. So far it doesn't seem like he particularly does anything except make sure the teammates cooperate with each other. Oh, and he drives the van. But also he was the one who brought the team together in the first place, in order to help his little sister, Piper, deal with the death of their parents. She hasn't spoken since they died, but she now talks to ghosts, which makes her sort of the most useful member of the P.I.T. (She does start speaking by the end of the first episode, though she still speaks only rarely.) Another member of the team is Lindsey (played by Neil Grayston, from Eureka). He basically financed the team, and is in charge of the electronic equipment. He's very skeptical about whether any supernatural stuff even exists, but if it does, he wants to document it. There's a Wiccan/occult expert named Morgan (Ashley Johnson), though "expert" might be an exaggeration. And there's a goofy guy named Elliot, who... so far seems to basically just be a ghost hunting enthusiast. I'm not sure if he actually has any specific qualifications, or whatever. But I guess he's Connor's best friend. There's a plot thread running through the first season about Elliot having a crush on Morgan. But Morgan likes Connor. And Connor is kind of obsessed with his ex-fiancée, Amanda. He does eventually begin to take a potential romantic interest in Morgan, which makes Elliot jealous. But all of that drama is more or less resolved by the end of the season.

I should also say there are occasionally guest stars with whom I'm familiar, like Dichen Lachman and Tom Lenk. Anyway, it's a reasonably interesting and clever and amusing series, with definite potential to improve in subsequent seasons. Unfortunately, that never happened, but it was well worth watching these four episodes.

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