Dracula webisodes

Dracula Rising (originally on nbc.com)

An animated prequel to the live-action series Dracula. There were five webisodes, which streamed in 2013. The story begins in "the late 1400s," when Prince Vlad Dracula leads his people in Romania against an invasion by Ottoman Turks. But subsequently, a religious organization called the Order of the Dragon, of which Dracula was a member, gets upset that Dracula seems to disbelieve in God, and is more interested in the "heresies" of science. So they turn against him. In the last webisode, Dracula and his wife, Ilona, are arrested. (And maybe executed, that wasn't really clear to me.) But we learn more about what happened after the events of the webisodes, through flashbacks that occur in the course of the TV show.

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