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Agents of SHIELD: Declassified (originally on
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Based on the series Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm not really in the habit of watching "behind the scenes" kind of things like this, so I didn't get around to watching any of it until there were already 20 webisodes online (after that, there would just be 3 more webisodes). But it turns out I actually like it quite a bit. It's hosted by writer/comedian Brett Erlich, with whose work I'm not familiar, but in this, at least, I can say he is hilarious. Each week, "Declassified" recaps the previous week's episode of the TV show in an amusing way. And there's a preview of the next episode. And sometimes one of the stars of the TV show makes a special appearance on the web show. And there are silly viewer polls. And Brett... just does redonkulous stuff that ties into the show in pretty random ways, so it's not really "behind the scenes" at all, it's basically just Brett being weird and funny and kind of awesome. Although there may occasionally be some actual behind the scenes stuff, because sometimes there could be a crew member appearing on the show, who actually knows what they're talking about. And sometimes Brett talks to people who work at Marvel, in a segment called the "Marvel Minute." And there are a few special webisodes that are at least twice as long as the regular webisodes, with interviews of the cast and writers or whatever. Alas, Declassified only lasted through the first season of SHIELD.

(Not to be confused with books called "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Declassified," nor with any "Declassified" videos you might currently find on

Slingshot (originally on
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A 6-episode series (each roughly 4 to 6 minutes long) that was released during the midseason break of season 4 of "Agents of SHIELD." It's bookended by brief scenes of Yo-Yo and Daisy following the events of the first half of the season, but most of the webseries is set between seasons 3 and 4, when Daisy (or "Quake") is a fugitive. Yo-Yo has just agreed to sign the Sokovia Accords and register as an Inhuman, so that she can continue to serve as an agent of SHIELD. But secretly, she wants to find and exact revenge against Victor Ramon, a Colombian arms dealer who had killed her cousin. That's all I want to reveal of the plot, but it's a pretty decent little story, and it has fun cameos by various main characters from the TV series.

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